Top 10 Hits of Summer 2018 + Song Lists c/o Peanut Butter Wolf, DJ Quest, DJ Platurn, Rickey Vincent, Eric Arnold, Mr Fine Wine +

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Hello Fall 2018 and farewell to the Summer of 2018;  a season that seemed to fly by quicker than ever this year. Luckily here in California the summer type weather traditionally continues for a bit longer, even as the days get shorter. Meanwhile this is the perfect time to look at the upcoming Fall picks (see next Amoeblog) as well as to look back over the past few months of summer and review what music (songs & artists) ranked as the most popular on a mainstream level, and thereby acted as the soundtrack to Summer 2018 for the average music consumer.

Below is a top ten list of the most popular songs/artists of the season; one dominated by rap/hip-hop  (but also with rock, pop, EDM etc.) that was heard at  BBQ’s, beach parties, clubs, radio and streaming services and so ubiquitous and ingrained in heads (future triggered memories) that a whole music consuming generation will forever associate these songs with the Summer of 2018!  This top ten below, not surprisingly includes  Drake, Cardi B and of course  Childish Gambino whose politically charged Summer 2018 hit single "This Is America" was equally as much of a visual/video entity (and cultural moment) as it was a song. Full Summer 2018 Top Ten list appears down below, immediately following the Cardi B music video.

Of course a summer soundtrack is both subjective and personal. Hence for many it is non mainstream or under the radar music, not necessarily new current popular releases. Hence this Amoeblog also includes s series of summer song lists contributed by various tastemakers; DJs, journalists, authors and producers. These tastemakers, whose picks range from all time classics to new, include Peanut Butter Wolf, DJ Quest, Eric Arnold, Mr Fine Wine, Jeff Harris, Marty McSorley, Mad Max, Marlowe emcee Solemn Brigham, and DJ Swirnoff.

Amoeba Hollywood's Top 50 Sellers of 2017

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Amoeba Hollywood's top 50 sellers of 2017

Without a doubt, our customers love Kendrick Lamar and Mac DeMarco. They both had three albums appear on our list of the best-selling albums of 2017. Among the classic best-sellers like Michael Jackson's Thriller and Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon were debut albums from Khalid and SZA. New anniversary reissues were a hot ticket in 2017, with the 50th anniversary editions of Pet Sounds and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band selling especially well.

Read on to see the full list of Amoeba Hollywood's Top 50 Sellers of 2017.

Khalid American Teen

50. Khalid - American Teen (Released March 2017)

Singer/songwriter Khalid's debut album features the hit single "Location," with its atmosphere of stoned partying, chill vibes, and romantic longing. Treading somewhere in the realm of neo-soul hip hop and unbridled sunshiny pop, American Teen rejects any notion of nihilism and bitterness to create an album that's pure happiness. Bay Area fans were treated to a very special acoustic performance by Khalid at Amoeba SF back when his album first dropped.