Kevin Abstract's Video Series For Upcoming BROCKHAMPTON's "Saturation" Proof His Hip-Hop Collective Is On Brink Of Blowing Up

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Film-maker/rapper/singer and future pop star Kevin Abstract's engaging new series of music videos he directed for tracks off BROCKHAMPTON's upcoming mixtape release Saturation are further proof that the multi-talented young hip-hop collective he founded are on brink of blowing up big time.  All below, the videos for album tracks "Star," "Gold," "Heat," and "Face,"  that he directed and published to YouTube at a rapid fire rate of one a week over the past four weeks, offer a rich taste of the diverse multi-talented collective of rappers, producers, singers, film makers and designers. Also helping showcase their collective talent and fuel the crew's inevitable stardom is their presence in Abstract's new TV show American Boyband.

The new Viceland reality rap show follows the cross country first headlining tour of 20 year old openly gay Abstract, who dropped his acclaimed solo full-length American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story in late 2016. On tour he is joined by many of the key players from BROCKHAMPTON: the self-described "All-American Boyband” whose multi-talented roster includes Matt Champion, JOBA, Ameer Vann, Rodney Tenor, Merlyn Wood, Dom McLennon, Romil, Albert Gordon, Bearface, Black Monday, Connor Barkhouse, Jabari Manwa  and Kiko Merley to name but some of the talented young crew. On the most recently published music video ("Star") from the upcoming Saturation mixtape,  Dom McLennon, Ameer Vann, and Kevin Abstract each spit verses with enough pop culture name drops to catch even an non rap fan's attention. Some of these include Matthew McConaughey, Jason Statham, Tobey Maguire, Obama,  Kobe Bryant, Michael Jackson, Tom Hanks, BeyonceBrad Pitt, Prince, Lionel Ritchie, Ice Cube,  and Chris Tucker.

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The Unmistakable Sound of Allan Kingdom Continues to Blossom on "Lines"

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Allan KingdomBy doubleay

Vocalist Allan Kingdom’s stunning debut album, Lines, should not get overlooked. The Canadian-born, Minnesota-raised artist dropped the project in early April and it’s surely one of the most exciting releases of 2017 thus far. Kingdom’s uniquely iconic vocals and rap prowess command attention. He was raised on traditional African music and mainstream American R&B played by his Tanzanian mother, and he eventually took to hip-hop acts like Pharrell and Outkast. All his influences were prolific and candidly original, pushing him to develop a distinctly unmistakable sound all his own that only continues to blossom on Lines.



Allan Kingdom - “Evergreens”

Kingdom’s early one-off singles like “Evergreens” and the powerful “Wavey” featuring Spooky Black garnered him esteem in the digital realm of Soundcloud, while his incredibly inventive 2014 solo project, Future Memoirs, and self-titled collaborative album with the group Thestand4rd (Kingdom, Corbin fka Spooky Black, Bobby Raps & Psymun) solidified him as serious talent looking to break through to higher planes.

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