Bay Area Non-Profit HIP HOP FOR CHANGE Celebrates 6 Positive Infulential Years with showcase inc. Kaila Love & Senor GiGiO

Posted by Billyjam, April 26, 2019 01:47pm | Post a Comment

Hip Hop For Change (HH4C), the influential Oakland based grassroots hip-hop education non-profit, celebrates six successful years of positive impact on the local music and arts scene with a hometown showcase concert tonight (4/26) at the Legionnaire Saloon. Get advance free tix via Eventbrite or pay $7/$10 at door.  " Hip Hop For Change  do wonderful work as far as outreach and especially educating kids in classrooms [and] in six years  time they’ve definitely made an impact giving local artists like myself a platform and a purpose as well as opportunities to work and uplift the community, noted Bay Area emcee/producer/painter Señor GiGio.  The prolific multi-talented underground Bay Area hip-hop artist is among Hip Hop For Change's talent-packed lineup at tonight's showcase that will also feature Kaila Love, TONE OLIVER, UnLearn the World, Khafre Jay, Versoul, Jane the Message, JPZ, Evan Steel, RSB the Songbird, DJ Lex, and Ren the Vinyl Archaeologist.

Counter to that negative stereotype of so much of today's high-profile popular hip-hop acts been all about image and lacking in substance or any philosophy,  HH4C has been consistently making a commitment to nurturing and empowering under-the-radar, thought-provoking artists with positive messages to share. "They’ve promoted my music along with other local hip-hop acts in their campaign to turn people onto music that represents our culture properly, specifically music and content that doesn’t degrade black & brown folk," said Senor GiGiO who is part of a new under-the-radar Bay Area hip-hop movement that's making some incredible music. Like so many involved in this new Bay Area musical movement, Senor GiGiO is vocally supportive of his fellow artists.

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