#BeBoldForChange International Women's Day 2017 Theme: Anticipating Unprecedented Participation Thanks To "Prez Grab 'Em"

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#Women'sHistoryMonth Every cloud has a silver lining. Just as the increasingly regressive policies and surreal statements of Donald Trump have proven to be a major boost for subscriptions to news outlets like the New York Times and the Nielson ratings of SNL, Seth Meyers, and Stephen Colbert, the "grab em by the p***y president" has similarly injected new life into the women's movement as witnessed by the overwhelming turnout and solidarity of the January 21st  Women's March, when over two million protesters took to cold January streets of Washington, D.C. as well as other cities worldwide, plus the countless subsequent protests and newly formed gender based, resistance organizations it, in turn, has inspired. Hence we can anticipate unprecedented participation in the upcoming 2017 International Women's Day (IWD) Wednesday, March 8th. In fact as a sort of continuation of that post-inauguration day protest, will be A Day Without a Woman. Planned for IWD the informal day of protest encourages women to wear red, to not go to work, and to not shop in stores or online with the exception of at women-owned businesses or at local small businesses. More info at Women's March and #DayWIthoutAWoman.

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Amoeblog Exclusive: Advance Free Download of Outernational's "She Craves Spring" ft. Lindi Ortega

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In the lead up to next week's release of Outernational's politically charged Here Is The Rose EP, the Brooklyn, NY-based revolutionary rockers have teamed up with the Amoeblog today to offer an exclusive advance free download of the EP track "She Craves Spring" that features Canadian power vocalist Lindi Ortega. Click "Download" above for your free advance copy of the the pro-feminist bluesy rock ballad track that features lyrics such as, "This woman knows there's no man above / Your brothel's are filled with a slave-master's love / All my sisters, ready to fly / Breaking tradition holding half the sky.

The new release is deliberately scheduled to drop on International Women's Day, March 8th, 2013. "We are releasing the Here is The Rose EP right now, in time for International Women's Day, because right now millions of people, and millions of women in particular are speaking and acting out against their daily oppression - patriarchy, rape culture, sexual objectification and dehumanization," explained Outernational guitarist Leo Mintek. On Thursday March 7th, the night before the EP drops, Outernational will be celebrating the release with a new weekly residency at Arlene's Grocery in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. 10pm shows. More info here.  Follow Outernational on Twitter and on Facebook.

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