Let the Music Dress You Up: Music-Inspired Halloween Costumes by Amoeba SF!

Posted by Kells, October 19, 2013 07:30pm | Post a Comment
Halloween is less than two weeks away! What are YOU going to wear?

Embracing the spirit of the season, here's a look back at some of my favorite music-related/ inspired Halloween costumes created by the boys and gouls at Amoeba Music San Francisco....

Here's our own Grace Cooper channeling her uncle Alice:

 Robert Smith will surely Cure any Halloween costume conundrum, as our Erin found:


One Halloween Kaitlin went AC/DC for Angus Young...

...only to party on as Garth a few years later!

Then there's the year Brock dressed up as our own in-house famous face, Mr. Joel Gion:

Of course the year Nick turned it out as Tina Turner will forever be a highlight:

And then there's the year our dollar-bin bandit fully realized Phil Collins' Face Value:

But you know what never gets old? Adopting a co-workers' habitual look as a Halloween costume!
Like the year five people dressed to impress in the style of Amoeba SF floor manager Tony Green!

(Okay, six people if you count the real Green himself)

Halloween at Amoeba Music San Francisco is never a dull affair! Join us, won't you?
Our spooky DJ set with
DJ Kells Bells begins at 3pm with our annual costume contest for both customers, pets and the rest of us kicking off at 4pm! If you're lucky, fuzzy pink will ring you up!