New York State of Mind Amoeblog #71: New Yorkers Unnerved, Subway Ridership Up, Woody Guthrie Inspires Installation, + more

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As I prepare this week's report in midtown Manhattan an uneasiness still lingers in the air as news spreads of a big explosion at approx 9:30am (EST) this morning further uptown in East Harlem on 116th St and Park Ave. with details slowly trickling in: the latest being that two women are dead, seventeen injured, and 20 missing, with the cause of the explosion of the two residential buildings been a gas leak. But before that news was released people here were feeling most uneasy. Even thirteen years later, ever-anxious New Yorkers automatically slip into that nervous 9/11 mental mode when anything vaguely resembling the WTC attacks occur - especially an out of the blue explosion with heavy smoke billowing high into the Manhattan skyline and viewable even two miles away. As one witness, Samuel Paul, told CBS News in a report little earlier this morning,  "The smoke started to rise. It looked like something fell because it wasn't like a fire. It just looked like debris smoke, similar to 9/11." As of publishing this Amoeblog all the latest news reports indicate that the blast was the result of a gas leak.  Thoughts/prayers go out to those victims of this explosion that no doubt you will learn more about care of national news reports continue throughout the day.

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New Ellie Goulding Videos

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Ellie GouldingEnglish singer/songwriter Ellie Goulding performed at Amoeba Hollywood back in October, just a few days after her sophomore album, Halcyon (Interscope Records), was released. It was one of only a handful of performances she did during release week, and her fans turned out in full force. The line to get into her in-store performance followed the side of Amoeba along Ivar Blvd, wrapping around the block. For those unable to attend the show, it was also webcast live on

We just posted a video of Ellie Goulding's stunning, stripped down version of her single, "Anything Could Happen," from the in-store:

Ellie Goulding - "Anything Could Happen" (Live at Amoeba)
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This in-store performance was Ms. Goulding's second at Amoeba. She performed at Amoeba San Francisco back in April 2011. At that point, she was just beginning her US promotion for her debut album, Lights (Interscope Records), which was released in March 2010 in the UK and had already reached number one there. That SF in-store was truly special and she decided to release it as an EP, Live at Amoeba San Francisco (Interscope Records).

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Ellie Goulding CD Signing at Amoeba San Francisco on Nov 20th for EP "Ellie Goulding: Live at Amoeba Music San Francisco"

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UPDATE 11/18 AT 7:45PM: The Ellie Goulding signing has been moved to MONDAY NOV 21 at 3:30pm!

Popular British singer / songwriter Ellie Goulding will return to Amoeba San Francisco where, seven months ago, she recorded what is being released as her new EP, Ellie Goulding: Live at Amoeba Music San Francisco! She will do a special CD signing at our Haight Street location at 3:30pm, November 21st (the official release date of the live EP from Cherrytree / Interscope Records, which was recorded at Amoeba SF on April 14th, 2011).

This will truly be a historic day for Amoeba Music and a highly anticipated event for the legions of Goulding fans who helped propel her acclaimed debut album on Interscope, Lights (released last year in the UK and in March of this year in the US), to popularity. Goulding fans, both Stateside and back in Britain, have been fiending for a follow-up release from the unique and powerful vocalist, so you can bet that this Amoeba in-store will be a packed event.  Be sure to try and arrive earlier than the 3:30pm official start time if you plan on attending!

In her native Britain, the 24-year-old Goulding, whose Lights album ranked as the biggest and fastest selling debut album of 2010, has scored a series of Top 20 hits including "Starry Eyed," "The Writer," and her popular version of the Elton John/Bernie Taupin classic "Your Song." She also racked up a slew of industry awards upon her critically and commercially acclaimed arrival last year including a BBC Sound of 2010 award, a Critic's Choice 2010 BRIT Award, and a 2010 MTV Europe Music Awards for "Best UK & Ireland Act of the Year." After conquering Britain, Goulding turned her sights  (Lights?) to the US where her electro-folk-pop debut album Lights was officially released in March this year (before that it was an in-demand import-only album), followed by the artist doing a series of concerts and showcases including the incredibly well received Amoeba San Francisco in-store - all of which helped her score a US club and radio hit with the Lights title track. The infectious pop song (video below) has also enjoyed a deluge of remixes and studio reworkings including NorCal artist/producer Bassnectar's charged remix of "Lights", while mash-up master DOSVEC did a cool remix mashed up version by digitally teaming up the UK singer with Florida rap star Flo Rida that he titled "Feeling Lights." 

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