Hip-Hop Cut-And-Paste Pioneer Steinski Evaluates Trump's "Soundbite Treasure" Of "Syphilitic Dementia" Sample Ready Quotes

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Hip-hop cut-and-paste master / pioneering producer Steinski has channeled his political feelings (both negative and positive) into powerful productions dating back three decades to his "Motorcade Sped On" audio music documentary on the Kennedy assassination. Recorded under the artist name Steinski & Mass Media and appearing on a 1987 NME magazine free 7" EP that track is among the artist's finest works that appeared on the 2008 Illegal Art released retrospective Steinski: What Does It All Mean: 1983 - 2006 Retrospective. The artist was interviewed by the Amoeblog back at the time on the topic of that release as well as his other work. During the Bush Sr. and Jr. and Obama administrations Steinski produced a handful of underground politically themed tracks and over the years he's sampled the voices of many presidential figures.. But since the election win of Donald J. Trump he's been noticeably busier than ever crafting some amazing songs that sample the "fearless leader" including the last month's "Orange Is The New President (Fearless Leader Is Watching)" and the December 2016 / pre-inauguration release of "Trump Inaugural Address Leaked By Russian Hackers" that contained many of Trump's best quotes including the infamous "grab em by the...." quote. Audio postings to SoundCloud of both tracks can be heard below.

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What Does It All Mean? Steinski 2008 Interview

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Last week the label Illegal Art did the world a great favor and released a nicely packaged comprehensive retrospective of the best of hip-hop cut-n-paste pioneer Steinski -- something that has never been easily available before, and not all nicely presented together like this.

But this great collection beautifully showcases the legendary producer who, both along with studio partner Double Dee and as a solo artist, directly influenced so many artists, including most notably DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist and Coldcut

Steinski: What Does It All Mean? 1983-2006 Retrospective is something that belongs in every music collection.  The 2 CD set comes with a nice booklet and liner notes by Hua Hsu that include Steve "Steinski" Stein's comments on each of CD 1's fourteen tracks. Included are the three legendary "Lessons" with Doug DiFranco (Double Dee) -- the first one originating as an 1983 entry in a Tommy Boy Records remix contest -- plus the artist's most important solo outings and remixes including the JFK assassination-themed "The Motorcade Sped On," recorded under the name Steinski & The Mass Media that came as a track on a free 7" EP compilation given away with UK mag NME in 1987.

The second CD is the artist's relatively recent Nothing To Fear mix made for BBC London's Solid Steel radio show a few years ago, with song titles for all 28 tracks in the CD booklet.

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