Diamanda Galas Hates The Foo Fighters

Posted by Charles Reece, February 19, 2011 11:30am | Post a Comment
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Due as much to Dave Grohl's public stance as an HIV-denier as his musical ability, Diamanda Galás prefers Buddy Rich, or as she eloquently put it:

The FOO fighters? He is a drummer without a brain. I was raised on Buddy RIch. Now we have
breeders with chopsticks talking about viral duplication. Oh dear. Oh mommy. Oh SHUT UP, will ya?

And to my suggestion that he's a nice fellow, she replied:

When the water reaches sea level, girl, hit me baby one more time. We are talking about AIDS disinformation. I could give a fellating fuck about nice. Give me an honest homophobe over a dumbass liberal DARTH VADER bearing crystals on the bodies of the soon- to- be- dead. “Bless you my child, while the rich white boys on WALL STREET were taking anti-virals ‘just in case’ they stayed alive long enough to get the protease cocktails, YOU, sainted brother, die unblemished by the crimes of the marketplace, but annointed by ME.” JESUS FUCK ME. What a bloody weekend.

Just in case you might've missed it.