New 12"s @ Amoeba Hollywood - Morphosis, Palisade, Holger Czukay, Tin Man, Brawther, Linkwood, Floating Points, Dial, Juju & Jordash & more

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What Have We Learned

This full-length from techno tastemakers Delsin is co-released by the man who made it, Morphosis aka Ra.H aka Rabih Beaini, on his own Morphine Records, as well as by close associate M>O>S. Beaini has been crafting away in the nether-regions of the techno underworld since the '90s. Initially as a DJ, it was a move to Italy in 1996 which proved the catalyst for him to start experimenting in the studio. And he really did experiment: few people craft the sort of emotional, imaginative techno as has Beaini for labels like M>O>S and Morphine Records. Keen followers of techno will already have heard some of the offerings from this album, as both "Androids Among Us" and "Dirty Matter" were remixed by T++ and Newworldaquarium for a limited edition white label. The excitement surrounding that release was palpable enough, but get lost in a full-length Morphosis experience and you enter a whole new world of techno excellence. Kicking off with the Redshape-channeling, misty, slo-techno march and buried percussive clatter of "Silent Screamer," the album builds through a plethora of grainy landscapes. They're sometimes dense with a dusty static, sometimes lit up by a female vocal or occasionally paired with a round house kick, but always sound rooted in some real (albeit far off and desolate) world. The hum and buzz of Beaini's bottom-ends have instruments and synths spiraling round as the only reference points in an otherwise engulfing sonic fog. Churning the listener round and round with his confident, assertive grooves, Morphosis' dark and long house and techno fusions explore -- like few others can -- engaging new ground with their every subtle turn. Influences range from Krautrock via new wave but, importantly, all are digested by Morphosis before being re-imagined as something wholly fresh and original which, in turn, stands up well to both dancefloor deployment and intense home listening. What have we leaned? That house and techno still have a lot to offer thanks to the likes of Morphosis.

Purchase Morphosis - What We Have Learned here:

So What? 12”

Redshape founded his new project Palisade to release the worldwide debut single "So What?" on Dial's house sub-label Laid. Now, after half a decade of success, including releases on Present, Delsin, Music Man, Styrax Leaves and remixes for Newworldaquarium, The Black Dog, Martyn and many others, a new moniker is born to work out the deeper side of Redshape. Once more the love of the machines turns slightly into the myth of house music.

Purchase Palisade - So What? here:

Holger Czukay

Hit Hit Flop / Hey Baba 7”
Claremont 56

HOLGER reveals his more playful side with this limited 7" on CLAREMONT 56. "HIT HIT" takes field recordings from swimming children and adds the exotic GUIKO instrument from BRAZIL to the mix. "HEY BABA" was recorded in 1986 at the CAN studio with hardware sequencers.

Purchase Holger Czukay - Hit Hit Flop Rmx 7" here:

Tin Man
Perfume DLP

The man who's been gaining a ton of worldwide respect as of late brings a full length to the SALON imprint. On this limited 200-copy vinyl release, 7 amazingly crafted tracks including the title cut, "BURNT SUGAR", "LOVE SICK", "LOST IN LA", all prove why he's on top of the electronic music game.

Purchase Tin Man - Perfume here:

Addison Groove

It’s Got Me 12”

Splicing traditional hip hop breaks into the mix with a gauzy, drifting melody takes this track into a different realm, while "MINUTES OF FUNK" uses luxurious synth washes and increasingly intricate rhythmic shifts as interlocking traces of a unique dancefloor construction.

Purchase Addison Groove - It's Got Me here:

Remixes EP 12”
Balance Alliance

Rising deep house star BRAWTHER brings this remix package to the BALANCE label. 1st he reworks the underground tech cut "LE VOYAGE" & gives it a hot house treatment, then tackles RON & CHEZ's KMS track. On the flip, he does "ASTEROIDS & STARDUST" from C.DAMIER & also interprets "LIFE"

Purchase Brawther Remixes EP here:

From The Vaults Pt. 1 12”
Prime Numbers

The latest release on PRIME NUMBERS is a 3 track EP from producer LINKWOOD recorded between 1997 & 2011 including the bleepy warehouse filth of "DIRTY LOVE".

Purchase Linkwood - From The Vaults here:

Floating Points
Sais Dub 10”

One sided highly limited, super desirable UK RECORD STORE DAY exclusive now available to non-UK customers in limited quantities. A frantic mix of broken beat house grooves that is quite hard to classify at times, making SAM SHEPHERD aka FLOATING POINTS one of today's most original producers.

Purchase Floating Points Sais here:

Cut Copy
Need You Now – Carl Craig Rmx 12”

This epic, throbbing, technotronic love letter from their 3rd album gets an icy robofunk mix from GAVIN RUSSOM and a sweeping, deep techno remix from Detroit legend CARL CRAIG. Also includes the original mix. Full pic sleeve

Purchase Cut Copy - Need You Now here:

Steven Tang
Uprise In The Orient

EMPHASIS boss brings "UPRISE IN THE ORIENT" to the SYNCROPHONE imprint that is a Chicago/Detroit flavored joint with signature style moody pads and banging beats. EARGASMIC's CHICAGO SKYWAY jumps in for a fresh remix and the B-side's "OPTIMAL SIGNALS" adds more bump for the buck. Recommended!

Purchase Steven Tang - Uprise In The Orient here:

Roman Fluegel
Brasil 12"

Roman Flügel comes up with a second issue of essential works for a colorful, twinkling dancefloor. Also known as Eight Miles High, Soylent Green and Alter Ego, Flügel has always been a main influence on the Dial family. Brasil is another example of Flügel's unique and unexpected productions, offering eclecticism, modernism and dandyism under a groove. Timeless.

Purchase Roman Fluegel - Brasil here:

Juju & Jordash
Quasi Quasi 12"

Scary-looking new 12" on Amsterdam's Dekmantel imprint. Three deep and insightful new Juju & Jordash tracks with a top-notch remix from Ra.H. Includes a poster in the plastic sleeve. Limited to 500 copies.

Purchase Juju & Jordash - Quasi Quasi here:

Demdike Stare
Forest Of Evil/Liberation Through Hearing/Voices Of Dust 3LP
Modern Love

The Modern Love label presents a limited edition 3LP featuring the triptych of albums released by Demdike Stare in 2010 (Forest Of Evil, Liberation Through Hearing, Voices Of Dust). Demdike Stare is a project made up of two insatiable vinyl collectors based in the north of England: Sean Canty (who works for the esteemed Finders Keepers label) and Miles Whittaker (a long-time producer and DJ who has released music under the MLZ moniker and as part of Pendle Coven). The music Demdike Stare make is hard to pin down, based largely around archival musical sources ranging from obscure library records to long-forgotten jazz, early electronic, and industrial recordings, alongside an array of Iranian, Pakistani, Turkish and Eastern European material largely unknown in the Western world. Demdike Stare absorb and re-align these found sounds via their ever-expanding array of analog machines, ending with something that is in part plunderphonic, but ultimately completely new. Their music has sometimes been lumped in with the hypnagogic, hauntological and, most recently, "witch house" movements, but ultimately, Demdike Stare should appeal to anyone with an interest in everything from classic KPM Library records through to the music of Basic Channel and all the way to the smudged, altered-realities of James Ferraro and The Caretaker. That is, at least until the next record, when the frames of reference might just change up and take them somewhere completely different. Three individually shrink-wrapped LPs bound with a metallic print obi-strip. Mastered and cut by Lupo at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. Limited to 400 copies for the world.

Purchase Demdike Stare here:

Black Van
Moments Of Excellence 12"
Permanent Vacation

Black Van is the project of KoweSix (Moonbootica) and Kris Menace (Compuphonic). "Moments Of Excellence" boasts great disco that works like a tense thriller: it grabs hold of you and doesn't let go. Before you know it, you're hopelessly lost. Open to dirty secrets. Hooked for a night. For a few weeks. Your whole life. There's always a secret hidden deep in the maelstrom. The deeper the true substance is concealed, the more powerful the effect, the thicker the shackles.

Purchase Black Van - Moments of Excellence here:

Anthony 'Shake' Shakir
Frictionalism 1994-2009 Part 4 12"
Rush Hour

Part 4 in the Shake Frictionalism (RH 110CD) reissue series, with three total corkers and also an exclusive track. "The Floor Filler" is a disco-frenzied track that was originally released in 1997 as part of Club Scam II. The track is still a valid club tool and will definitely fill a floor. "Plugged In" is taken from the same EP and is true disco meets techno. "The Other One" is a track from the vault and has never been released.

Purchase Frictionalism Part 4 here:

NHAR:Megumi/Bluedrop 12"
INKSWEL: Get To My Party 12"
SVEN TASNADI: Petit Four EP 12"
VA: Eleven Years Cocoon Recordings Selected Remix Works Part 01 12"
MARTIN TC: In Situ 12"
NICOLAS JAAR : Love You Gotta Lose Again EP 10"
SHUTTER: Natterjack 12”
BORNGRABER & STRUVER: Urlaub LP MELON:Four Seasons Part 2 2x12”
Tyson/OUT OF MY MIND 12”
Wild Rumpus/CLOUDHOPPING 12"
Dark Sky/HIGH RISE 12”
Laid Back vs Soul Clap/COCAINE COOL 12”
Quenum/BUBBLE GUM 12”
Downliners Sekt/MEET THE DECLINE EP 12”
Invisible Conga People/IN A HOLE 12”
Roberto Rodriguez/THINKING OF YOU 12”
Silkie/CITY LIMITS VOL. 1.6-1.8 D12”
Chase & Status/TIME 12”
Russ Yallop/CROSSROADS 12”
Terravita/NAIL IN THE COFFIN 12”
Torn Sail/BIRDS 12”
Emalkay/ECLIPSE 3LP + CD
Andy Mac/EVERYTIME 12”
Afro Disco Boogie Edits/EP VOLUME 4 12”
Various/HUDDTRAXX 5 YEAR...PART 1 12”
Various/MY FRIENDS EP 12”

New 12" Releases 11/11 @ Amoeba Hollywood - Roman Flugel, Christopher Rau, Stefan Goldmann, Dj Sprinkles, SCB & More...

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How To Spread Lies 12"

The many faces of Roman Flügel (aka Eight Miles High aka Soylent Green aka ½ of Alter Ego) have always been one of the main influences of the eclecticism of Dial Records. Besides his inspiring DJ sets, which were always steps ahead of their time, Flügel's productions have been the key to a better world in modern music. Whether it was techno, house, jazz or ambient, Flügel's research into sound and structure has always been an overwhelming experience.

Superbacon 12"

Copenhagens Tomas Barfod and Kasper Bjørke hardly need introducing… for over a decade, they have been making music, together and separately, with releases on some of the most respected labels around. Still, their first release under their new moniker, Bjørke & Barfod -- their first 12″ together in years -- has a new sound perhaps best described as symphonic disco-trance and definitely marks a turning point in their collaboration. Maybe it`s the fact that they have had a few years' break from working together in the studio, while taking time to focus on solo outputs and, in Barfod's case, band life with WhoMadeWho; or maybe it's because they discovered some ancient herb in the tent of some hippie at Roskilde Festival after they played a marathon this summer; in either case, Superbacon EP has a genuine freshness to it that has already gotten some serious hype. Superbacon is an epic bigroom track, still with enough livedrums and sexy house elements to make it work in smaller clubs as well. In other words -- a stealth “debut” release on Mirau.The remix of Cauliflower comes from Brooklyn's finest, Runaway (DFA), that brings rave back in a big way. The EP is named after the new party concept that Bjørke & Barfod take to the clubs around the globe representing the finest from the Danish clubscene… Because as you all know, crispy pork is the prize export of Denmark.

Continue reading...

Interview with Dial's John Roberts

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This week sees the release of John Roberts' debut album, Glass Eights, on Hamburg's Dial label. A deep moody excursion through the sound of Electronic House music, Roberts' debut long player on the ever consistent Dial is a sure fire winner. Melancholic & oozing emotion, this album will stand the test of time.

John took some time out to answer some questions for the Amoeblog…

You are originally from Chicago, correct?

I was actually born in Cleveland and lived there for 17 years. I moved to Chicago for college and ended up living there for about five years.

When did you move to NY and what prompted the move to Berlin?

I decided to move to New York in 2007 and spent just about a year there. I was living with some close friends who decided to move to Berlin around the same time that I started working with Dial, so we all decided to go together.

What got you interested in house/techno music?

I started to get seriously interested in house by visiting a small record shop in Cleveland called Grand Poo-bas. I would go there about once a week and pick out one of these bootleg mixtapes that were coming from Chicago. I listened to those tapes repeatedly in the car and when I was at home on headphones. Shortly after I started buying some Dancemania records. (I also accidentally bought a bunch of terrible breaks records in the process because I had no idea what I was actually looking for.)


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New Electronic 12" Releases 9/07 @ Amoeba Hollywood - Shed, Barker & Baumecker, Conforce, Lawrence, Holger Czukay, Skudge & More

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(Ostgut Ton)

This is the second full-length release for Berlin-based DJ/producer Shed. The Traveller is not the perfectly planned-out escape into the safe haven where perfect tools worship the primetime DJ, but rather it's an ode to the heart of electronic dance music that still pumps loud and vigorous. For Shed, that very heartbeat was never clearer, more concise and genre-defining than in the UK in the early '90s. Detroit, Chicago, Berlin: get in line, you've had your time. Needless to say, Shed is not in this to become the copycat of some of rave music's perfect key moments. The Traveller is not another chapter in the ongoing history of the "anything goes" cult, not an overcooked stew praising the power of eclecticism; instead, it is simply an example of untamed fascination for sound. Frankly, Shed masters this almost naive approach perfectly and slaps the guards of the status quo right in the face. Again and again, Shed pulls little melodies from the depths of his studio and lets us discover our enthusiasm for the moment anew. He applies breakbeats bearing more history than the 909 bass drum where the 4/4 attack would have been the obvious choice, grants grandpa acid only a brief yet overwhelming guest appearance and deals with minimal dance music's heritage in a completely new, unexplored way. Always present: euphoria. With The Traveller, Shed manages the intangible and translates techno tracks into a shorter, yet crisper format, playing with tempi and moods. And yet each and every beat is right where it belongs, helping to merge every ingredient into an adventurous trip through a night one always dreams of and yet hardly ever gets. The album resonates from start to finish, is full of ideas, speaks dubstep and chooses radical approaches where other producers opt for the emergency exit of the lowest common denominator. The Traveller is the perfect base for everybody still willing to take a chance.


Candyflip 12"
(Ostgut Ton)

Andreas Baumecker and Sam Barker make up a production partnership closely founded upon their love for more experimental dance sounds. Straddling the boundaries between emotional, classically-inspired techno and heavy broken beat electronics, "Candyflip" is a wonderfully analog-sounding tribute to years in the underground. Echoes of the past resound throughout this moody epic while stark, futuristic elements urge it forward. Stepping into "The Hole," a darker sound takes precedence, as a deep, tripping techno jam unfolds from the pair's machines.


Grace EP 12"

Delsin is proud to present a first EP by Boris Bunnik, aka Conforce. Like fellow Dutch techno talent Delta Funktionen, Conforce is also from the northern parts of The Netherlands. After two debut EPs on Rush Hour and releases on Curle and Modelism, he released his well-received first album on the Meanwhile label. On Delsin, he presents some slick-produced atmospheric tunes in the style of label mates like Quince and D5.


Overture/Mirage 12"

Skudge make their machine music the old way. They channel these processes into their heavyweight dub sound. The results seem to be working -- another colossal 12".

Listen to "Overture" here:


Voices Around The Fire 12"

Mule Electronic presents a single cut from Sebastian Mullaert's (aka Minilogue) first mix CD, WaWuWe (MULE 019CD). The title track is in a very similar style to Minilogue -- hypnotic and groovy and a perfect DJ tool for the dark dancefloor. On "Music Becomes A Function," Sebastian shows his more musical side with some ambient house reminiscent of Thomas Fehlmann or Lawrence.


See Other People/St. Marks Remixes 12"

After the individual releases by Falty DL and Cosmin TRG on the RH-DC series, the third release features them remixing each other. They both turn each other's version up a notch, creating some heavy duty dancefloor pressure, while pushing the borders of house, techno, dubstep and rave. Back to the future!

Listen to "See Other People (Falty DL Remix)" here:


Menta Latte Remixes 12"

Top of Form "Menta Latte" from Matias Aguayo's acclaimed full length Ay Ay Ay (KOMP 076CD/KOM 205LP) gets the remix treatment. Who else could be more perfect to do his own rendition than the maestro of Northern disco Prins Thomas -- keeping the organic sensibility of the original by making it RAW. Acid flirts with bongos and wonky bass in a diatribe of immense magnitude. The results are a tremendous, gallivanting steamroller of a track. Bottom of Form Top of Form.

Holger Czukay
Claremont 56

Limited pressing on GOLD vinyl, 2 new versions of "PERSIAN LOVE," his first compositions after parting with CAN. Created by switching a multitrack to 1/2 speed while playing guitar/drums in slow motion. Persian vocals nicked from short wave radio. Features CAN drummer Jaki.

Listen to the original of "Persian Love" here:

Axel Bomann


Swedish house producer releases a refreshing 3 track EP on DJ KOZE & MARCUS FINK's PAMPA imprint. The title track features J JONASON on vocals for a deep smooth & sexy vocal. "PURPLE DRANK" is a hypnotic joint with a dark bouncy bassline. "NOT SO MUCH" is a perfect tune to end a perfect night.

Listen to "Holy Love" here:



Deep and soulful house EP from LAID. Three tracks: "PRECIOUS HALL" and "PRECIOUS HALL (DUB)" plus the title cut "DWELLING ON THE DUNES," a laid back and atmospheric house cut reminiscent of classic Detroit tracks.




IDEAL: Schöne Frau mit Geld (Losoul Versions) 12" (PLAYRJC 008EP)



214: Cascadian Nights EP 12" (TOUCHIN BASS)

CHARANJIT SINGH: Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat 2LP

FreshRo & Apiento Co: PACIFIC STATE (CLEAR) 7"



Smith & Mudd: SURVEYOR (JAPAN PROMO) 12"

DJ Zinc: WILE OUT-DJ MARKY & S.P.Y RX 12" (INN034)

Eddy Meets Yannah: COMPOST BLACK #66 12" (COMP357)

Filippson & Ulysses: ESCAPE FROM NY 12" (INTSPE001)

Foog: OPEN YOUR EYES 12" (MULE072)

Frisvold & Lindbaek: BOZAK-PRINS THOMAS REMIX 12" (FP027)

Hypno: OVER THE TOP EP 12" (PTN003)

Marvin Gaye: GOT TO GIVE IT UP 12" (MGGT1)


Thabo: THE MACHINES 12" (ORN01)

June 15 - New Electronic/ Dance CD Releases

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Wolfgang Voigt
Freiland Klaviermusik

Wolfgang Voigt returns to stranj for his left-of-center Kompakt label offshoot, Profan. As GAS, Voigt composed ethereal, blue-hued, deep-forest metaphysical techno 'head music', but now under his own name he injects the dance floor with a dose of well tempered madness. If you like your techno birthed out of a slightly crooked disposition, thought provoking and borderline psychotic, please check this out.

Ellen Allien
BPitch Corp

Berlin's first lady of techno drops a solid release for 2010. Her trademark razor-sharp spooky production is complete with bleeps n bells, throbbing bass house, squidgy electro tech-pop, and even what could be taken as an homage to the Exorcist theme.

Ichisan and Nakova
Yugo Tempo

Between them, duo Ichisan & Nakova have toured the cream of the new disco stables with releases on Nang, Eskimo and Airtight. They present their debut album together for Nang, collecting thirteen Balkan disco grooves spiked with sparkling spacewise synths, cosmic guitar licks and dubbed basslines for the connoisseurs. Fans of Lindstrom, Ilija Rudman or Todd Terje should have a peek.

Honest Jons

This album signifies two important points; firstly, the fact that Honest Jon's are putting this out at all acknowledges Mr Cunningham's place in the lineage of potentially classic Afrofuturistic music, from George Clinton through Prince and Shake Shakir; and secondly, a major maturity and cohesion in his sound. If you want music that enhances or removes you from your own reality like the most visceral sci-fi novel or confirms that there is a sprawling future beyond the stasis of too much modern music, this is just absolutely vital listening!

Discoursive Diversions

Nu-disco hero Bottin presents his first mix CD for the Nang corporation. Actually, this is a bit more than your average mix CD, as Bottin has remixed each and every track to his exacting specifications, trimming inches and measuring inside seams like a a proper hands-on Italo tailor.

Michael Mayer
Immer 3

For IMMER #3, Kompakt chairperson Michael Mayer gathers a charming bunch of super hero electronica all-stars for glamour as well as certifiable quality. The mix flows in and out of melodic tech-pop through lush (pop)ambient scenes, deconstructing into the gorgeously discordant and back to the dance floor with trippy house and italo smashers. Highly recommended.


Connoisseurs of quality deep house take note -- Dial maintains a very respectable run of releases from Berlin's most interesting house head, Efdemin. This exquisitely crafted tribute to to the titular city is executed with sophisticated and mature gate, clean, crisp minimal tech house.

Pony No Hassle

Tosca is the brainchild of Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber. They combine bass heavy, downbeat music with abstract soundscapes of found sounds, and when this formula is handed over to remixers, everything changes, from texture, dynamics, to structure -- in a really good way. Remixes done by Bottin, Chicken Lips, Kalabrese, and more.

Mad Decent

Dubstep's larger-than-life character hits the next level of his stratospheric rise to intergalactic domination. Whether its true or not that Rusko is producing the next Britney Spears album, we can revel in the ludicrous development of pop music's current championship of the new dance-rock rave-craze and jungle rinse-outs that has us all jacking dirty on the dance floors.

Dimitri From Paris
Get Down With the Philly Sound

This compilation is the first ever to document the birth of disco in Philadelphia and the work of the unsung musicians who played on the numerous hits that came out of the Philly scene. Featuring Melvin & the Bluenotes, Teddy Pendergrass, The Trammps, and Jackson 5. Curated by Dimitri From Paris.

Rene Hell
Porcelain Opera

Alter dimensional synth trips referencing classic kosmiche drenched in the lustre of nostalgia is the modus operandi of cult noisenik Jeff Witscher. As Rene Hell he reveals a decidedly modern grasp of electronic psychedelia. In breaking down elements of Cluster and Basic Channel and mixing in his own special enzymes he forms an alchemical concoction of tape-chewed cacophony to disconnect, then realign your cerebral hemispheres.

Mathew Jonson
Agents of Time
Wagon Repair

Very first solo album by Canada's finest melodic techno producer and longtime Cobblestone Jazz stalwart, Mathew Jonson. The pace of the album is largely sedate and infused with a late 90s electronica aspect, romantic IDM atmospheres, and Vangelis-like synth washes.

LCD Soundsystem
This is Happening

Perhaps, arguably, in my humble opinion, the best LCD album to date. A perfect vintage-sounding blast of new wave disco punk a la Talking Heads or A Certain Ratio, with dense percussion, no-wavey chants, sparkling guitar chank and pulsing space bass. James Murphy is the authentic disco-punk dancefloor pop messenger, with his uniquely self-aware post modern scrutinizations of modern hipster culture, and an apparent compulsion to second guess his listeners and outsmart the critics.

Crystal Castles
Last Gang

The latest greatest from Toronto based electro duo Crystal Castles is reminiscent of the jump from debut albums taken by Deerhunter and Fuck Buttons. Maybe this release will close the door on the blog-house/nu-wave/french-rave-craze with their wayward self-touted "artistic" approach on electro-rock. Check it!

Duke Dumont
Fabric 51

Dumont proves himself to be quite the nimble selector, pulling together disparate tracks by Bodycode, Scuba, Green Velvet and Late of the Pier. As he explains: "I'm not trying to promote a genre with this mix; the ethos is simply to make something that I'll still really love in a few years' time... It represents what I play: groove-based, bordering on the techy side and all with a sense of emotion."

James Holden
DJ Kicks

For his DJ KICKS mix, James Holden picks from outsider club music for a set that draws heavily on experimental techno, kraut-rock, ambient and indie sound. Quite good, obscure picks that represent an interesting slice of leftfield dance and indie-pop.

Rinse FM

Rinse FM presents this anticipated debut by ROSKA! Not to be confused with Rusko. UK-funky has made some headlines as of late: pair this with that Geeneus long player, King Midas Sound and Marcus Nasty mix, and you're fully schooled. This contains a blend of modern tribal house and garage indebted rudeness, crispy fresh like a new pair of trainers steeped deep into d-step whut whut house muzak n slow burnt grooves.


Drowned In Light

Drum machine loops and shimmering guitars (electric, acoustic, 12-string and flamenco) are bathed in analogue synth and modular effects, creating a lush, intoxicating sound that looks back to the 1970s and 1980s without a hint of the usual sleek irony or hip retro-revivalism, whilst simultaneously looking forward to a time when boundaries between programmed and played, and synthetic and organic, have become obsolete. Recommended: Lisa Papineau Solo album by Air and M83 guest vocalist... pretty and lush solo effort in the likes of Mia Doi Todd.

Jamie Lidell

Follow the bread crumbs and be prepared for almost anything, especially a more progressive strand of electro-psychedelic soul by everyone's long favorite & Prince-meets-Roy-Orbison; wunder kind Jamie Lidell. Pure molasses. Featuring Feist, Nikka Costa, Beck, and Gonzales.

Future Sound Of London
Environments 3

The third in FSOL's ongoing series investigates further planes of abstract, synthesized spaces and places. Contemporary FSOL territory with ruffled digital-concrete textures entwined with plaintive piano, calling at orchestral symphonics, hyperharp scenery, abstracted electronic jazz and resplendant Roedelius-style solo piano and synthscapes.
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