Weekly Roundup: DaVinci, Feeding People, Plateaus

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DaVinci – “Cheeba” (featuring Ammbush, Main Attrakionz and The Jacka)

“Walk with a limp like Jason Voorhees.” Perfect line for just after Halloween. That comes from this spacey hip-hop track by Oakland’s DaVinci, with some great fluctuating production sounds from producer Keyes. He’s already released tracks such as “Nothin Finna Stop Me” as well from the upcoming The MOEna Lisa, due Nov. 6 from SWTBRDS.


Feeding People – “Island Universe”

Feeding People released a 7” of their sweet indie pop tune “Island Universe” last month, and now that song has gotten the remix treatment by Free the Robots featuring Phil Nisco. It’s the rare remix that completely reimagines the song and does so successfully — this time highlighting the song’s sci-fi potential, given that title, reminiscent of camp classic This Island Earth. Listen to it at LA Record. Both the original and remix are available to download at


dual formThe Cyclist – “Visions”

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Weekly Roundup: Neverever, Rhye, Jason Lytle, DaVinci

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Neverever – “100 and 1 Dreams”
How did you spend your summer? L.A.’s Neverever ask us on this upside-down poolside video for their song “100 and 1 Dreams,” directed by Eric Fisher. Shot at the gloriously lo-fi, mostly kid-free Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, where you can lounge amongst other PBR-fed whatever bodies and drink yourself silly at the pool (and where Neverever played at one of their shows this summer), it does capture smeared memories of summer. The song features cleaner production for their ’50s-pop inspired sound, so elegantly stated on this year’s Shake-a-Baby EP. “100 and 1 Dreams” is from a forthcoming LP, likely on Slumberland as that’s who released Shake-a-Baby, and though I can’t find out any other info on it at the moment, safe to say it’ll be something to look for, given the quality of their previous output and this song.

Neverever - 100 and 1 Dreams from Eric Fisher on Vimeo.

Rhye – “The Fall”
L.A.’s Rhye features a seductive female vocalist singing “Make love to me, one more time before you go, away,” lingering over every word like she knows it’s pointless to ask, over a syncopated soul backbeat with deft production flourishes that makes the whole thing move breezily instead of wallowing. This is the kind of thing that sounds effortless but isn’t easy to pull off — cushy indie soul that vibes Marvin Gaye and Stereolab equally. The Fall EP is out Oct. 9 on Innovative Leisure.

Jason Lytle – “Get Up and Go”
One of iPhone’s new OS features is that you can use a full song as an alarm rather than a ringtone. If you’re looking for a great get-up-and-go song that inspires without being too cloying, look no further than this new aptly titled Jason Lytle track. It’s on his album Dept. of Disappearance, due Oct. 16 on ANTI-. So glad to hear new music from Jason Lytle, after the disintegration of Grandaddy, can’t wait to hear the rest.


– “Ultimate Playaz” (ft. D-How the Money Mayka)
Bay Area rapper DaVinci has unfortunately delayed his upcoming album The MOEna Lisa until Nov. 6, but he’s offering a free EP in the meantime here, featuring the slow, psych-rappy “Ultimate Playaz.” Dammit this song is so good. If that’s what he leaves for the EP, this album should rule.

Hip-Hop Rap Up 09:23:11: Weezy, Casual, Dream Nefra, Los Rakas, The Jacka, Amp Live, DaVinci + more

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Amoeba Music Hollywood Hip-Hop Top Five Week Ending 09:23:11

1) The Throne (Jay-Z & Kanye West)
  Watch The Throne (Def Jam) 

2) Lil Wayne  Tha Carter IV (Cash Money/Universal)

3) The Throne (Jay-Z & Kanye West) Watch the Throne - Deluxe
(Def Jam) 

4) Lil Wayne  Tha Carter IV Deluxe (Cash Money/Universal)

5) Blu & Exile Below The Heavens (Sound In Color)

This week's hip-hop five chart from the Amoeba Hollywood store proves that the big names (Weezy, Kanye, & Jay-Z) are holding their own with both Lil Wayne's Tha Carter IV and Jay-Z & Kanye West's Watch The Throne both still holding down top slots in not just the regular CD versions but also the Deluxe versions of each release. 
Speaking of Lil Wayne, the artist who was recently incarcerated at Rikers for 8 months, does not seem to have lost any momentum at all in his ever rising career. The latest achievement for Weezy is being placed in the 2012 Guinness Book Of World Records for having the most US Hot 100 hits. Over the past decade the artist has had an astounding 60+ tracks that entered the Hot 100 chart.  This will not be the rapper's first time in the Guinness Book Of World Records. He previously got inducted for having the most “likes” on Facebook in one 24 hour period. Also charting on the Top Five this week at the Los Angeles store is Blu & Exile's sleeper hit Below The Heavens.

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W.R.E.A.M. (Wu Rules Everything Around Me)

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Wu rules everything around me, or so it seems of late since the legendary Wu-Tang Clan appear to be everywhere these days between their own popular recently released album, Legendary Weapons which dropped a month ago on eOne Music; the WU's distinctive presence on the ongoing Rock The Bells tour where they host the 36 Chambers stage; the proliferation of Wu-Tang mashup projects such as the recently Amoeblogged-about Wugazi: 13 Chambers project; plus the seemingly endless amount of cameos on other artist's projects that the ubiquitous Wu Tang members have been making of late. Indeed, there seems to be no end of the amount of guest spots that the numerous members of this influential Staten Island (aka Shaolin) NY crew (who redefined hip-hop with their landmark 1993 debut Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)) have been making lately. Even though their latest album is noticeably missing GZA, not to mention Masta Killa, it still became a fave with both critics and fans.

Anything Wu Tang do seems to command widespread attention. Case in point was when, a few weeks ago, within hours of their NYC offices posting an ad for an unpaid intern position, the ad went viral and got picked up and repeated by endless online, print, and TV outlets. Meanwhile, the popular official Wu Tang Facebook fan page has close to one and half million avid followers and appears to be increasing at a steady pace, undoubtedly spurred on by the Wu members' inclusion on this year's Rock The Bells. On the tour, numerous Wu soldiers perform, including Raekwon and Ghostface doing Only Built For Cuban Linx and GZA/Genius performing Liquid Swords. Indicative of their draw, the festival includes the WU's own 36 Chambers stage on which crew members and Wu Tang-endorsed acts like Mobb Deep perform.  At this past Saturday's Rock The Bells stop in the Bay Area at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, Rae and Ghost's set was one of the festival highlights and proved why these vets can still command such a dedicated following two decades later.

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Jim Browskee's Overview of the San Francisco Fillmore District's Hip-Hop/Rap History

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Rappin' 4-Tay "Players Club" (1994)

As a follow up to this week's Amoeblog on current attention-grabbing Fillmore rapper DaVinci comes this overview of the San Francisco district's rap/hip-hop past care of Amoeblog reader and longtime SF rap player Jim Browskee who has drawn up this list of Fillmore (aka Fillmoe, aka The MOE, aka Da Filthy Moe) rap acts exclusively for the Amoeblog. While, he admits, not completely inclusive of every rap act to come from this SF hood it does include all of its key players; both high-profile acts such as Rappin' 4-Tay (the Fillmore artist introduced to the world in 1988 by Too $hort on his Dangerous Crew compilation (with the song "She's Hooked") and later to be the first Fillmore rap act to international pop success with his huge 1994 hit "Players Club" (first on the indie label Rag Top Records and then picked up by Chrysalis/EMI) gain  and such lesser known acts as Click Clack Gang who some heard of via their appearance on The Free Messy Marv Movement CD compilation or maybe via San Quinn when they guested on his track "Fillmoe Nigga." 

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