100 Famous Rock Guitar Riffs Offers Concise History of Rock N' Roll

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Rock music has way too many incredibly memorable guitar riffs to limit a best of list to just one hundred, but the 100 riffs that guitarist Alex Chadwick of The Chicago Music Exchange came up with for the above video performance ain't half bad, and it is a nice informal overview of the history of rock n' roll. Sure it's a subjective selection that includes a lot of mega hits of the genre, and no doubt every rock fan could come up with their own unique list of a hundred best guitar riffs. But I like what Alex has done: from his playing to his choices of riffs, and from how he segues from song to song, to how he plays it on his 1958 Fender Strat all in chronological order. Below is that list of songs and artists in order with the artist names that are blue highlighted linking back to the Amoeba Online Store. where you can find their respective music (CDs, LPs, DVDs) including (in near all cases) the song played by Alex.


1 "Mr. Sandman"  Chet Atkins
2 "Folsom Prison Blues" Johnny Cash
3 "Words of Love"  Buddy Holly
4 "Johnny B Goode"  Chuck Berry
5 "Rumble"  Link Wray

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Hollywood Customer Trent Surprises Us with an Amazing Cake for our 10th Birthday

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Shortly before 3pm on November 9, 2011, a regular Amoeba Hollywood customer named Trent walked into the store bearing a white cake box. Inside were two cakes in the shape of a "1" and a "0" celebrating our 10th anniversary! Trent has worked for 20 years at Sweet Lady Jane bakery in Los Angeles and made the cakes himself. We were floored and totally blown away by this creative, unexpected, and delicious(!) gift.  

We had to take a few photos before it was devoured by our hungry staff. 

Trent with his cake

Cake close-up

Thanks Trent

Thanks for kicking off our birthday festivities with a sweet bang, Trent!

Cake's "Showroom of Compassion" Was Worth the Seven Year Wait

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Cake "Sick Of You" from the Sacramento band's current album Showroom of Compassion

I'm a little late in getting round to fully listening to Cake's newest album, Showroom of Compassion on Upbeat Records, which was released back at the beginning of this year, and can't believe I waited this long to listen to this LP. Wow! What a really great album it is -- one that deservedly went to number one on the Billboard Top 200 chart upon its release back in mid January. But chart positions have really never been something that this unique, longtime, Sacramento-based alternative rock band has ever been obsessed with -- far from it. Since Cake formed in the early nineties they have always done things their own way and always gone at their own pace, placing the music they create before everything else...Hence the long 7 year wait for this sixth studio album.

This album, which is completely self-produced, transcends its "alt rock" tag since it boasts so much more than the stereotypical alt-rock outfit. But, to me, what makes this album and Cake themselves so great is their passion for the music and the fact that first and foremost they make the music for themselves. As the band's lead vocalist/songwriter & multi-instrumentalist John McCrea says in the interview piece below: "We hope people like it. But if they don't, it's ok because we like it." And right there, that is the key to any good art!

Cake interview about
Showroom of Compassion

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