Cyber Monday World Music Picks of 2012

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Today (Monday, November 26th, 2012), is offering 20% off all purchases along with free shipping for Cyber Monday. Here is your chance to take advantage of the discount offered to expand your horizons. Today, we feature the hipster bar room vallenato of Very Be Careful and the lush anthem rock of Mexico’s greatest rock band, Café Tacuba. Check out Brazil’s equivalent of Sly Stone, Tim Maia. Also recently released is Latin Jazz legend Poncho Sanchez’s Live In Hollywood and African reissues from Tunji Oyelana and Super Biton De Segou.

Perhaps you want to take a chance at the incredible "indigenous meets futuristic beats" of The Future Sounds Of Buenos Aires? How about Jukebox Mambo, a collection of Latin inspired R&B from the '50s and '60s? What to try some Funk and Boogie from the country of Surinam, a former Dutch colony located in northern South America?

These are a few of my picks but the choices are endless at

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First Glimpse: Amoeba's Icon Series Begins with Louis Armstrong

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Here is a first glimpse of Amoeba’s Icon Series, artists we consider to be the greatest and most important musicians of all time.

Louis Armstrong Amoeba IconWe’re starting with Louis Armstrong, indisputably one of the finest and most influential musicians ever. We’ve put together and remastered his lifework from thousands of difficult to find sources and we’ll be making his entire catalog of over 4,000 unique performances available on soon. Amongst these are many performances that most people have never heard or had access to, particularly in beautifully remastered form.

For now, here is a sampling of Louis’ material from the '20s. We have remastered all these songs from pristine original 78s generously made available from the collections of some good friends of Amoeba including Terry Zwigoff, Sherwin Dunner, and Robert Crumb.

The remastering was done by our sound team headed by the renowned Shai Fishman. The team has spent countless hours doing a truly masterful job of bringing forward the warmth, clarity, and resolution of these sides.

Here is Louis as you’ve never heard him before. All songs are available in MP3, M4A (ALAC), and WAV. We hope you enjoy these! There are many more to come.

Killer Soul Collection Hits

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An amazing batch of 7"s just hit With an emphasis on northern soul, this collection features obscure artists such as Fatback Brother Bill Curtis and Ila Van, along with well-knowns such as Gloria Jones, Ike & Tina Turner, and Big Maybelle. Collectors of Roulette Records will find a nice grip on rarities. There are also 45s on Sue, Revue, VJ, and many small and private press labels.  Also scattered in are doo wop, rockabilly, and funk collectibles.

Here is just a sampling of some of the goodies you can find for sale on

I Thank You Kindly / I Need You Like A Baby (7")
Roulette Records

Awesome and hard-to-find Northern Soul single on Roulette in orange wheel logo label sleeve.  Labels are orange wheel logo with "Roulette" written in blue. 

Patti LaBelle & the Bluebells
Trustin' In You / Suffer (7")

Early Northern Soul classic by Ms. LaBelle on Atlantic with red/white/black label sleeve.  Labels are red & white, with "Trustin' In You" listed as the "Plug Side."    

Cool Sounds
Boy Wonder (Who Made Good) / Free (I'm Coming Home) (7")
Warner Bros. Records

Rare Northern Soul single on Warner Bros. with olive green labels in generic sleeve. 

The Invincibles
Wonders Of Love / Can't No One Man (7")
Ciray Records

Northern Soul nugget on Ciray with reversed labels in generic sleeve. Red, white and yellow labels.  

Wilson Pickett
My Heart Belongs To You / Let Me Be Your Boy (7")
Verve Records

Classic Northern Soul with blue & silver Verve labels. In generic sleeve. 

Check out the rest of the collection in our Buy Stuff section on

out this week 2/22 & 3/1...puro instinct!

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This is really turning out to be a great year for music! So many fantastic albums are right around the corner. We will have new albums by The Strokes and James Blake on March 22nd; New Radiohead and Pains of Being Pure at Heart albums out March 29th; New Fleet Foxes album out May 3rd! And these last couple of weeks have also had some amazing albums come out. The new Adele record is fantastic, if you like that kind of thing! New records also were released last week from Toro Y Moi and Puro Instinct. I have been obsessed with Puro Instinct for a while now, but more on that later.

The new album by Beady Eye, Liam Gallagher and Andy Bell from Oasis, is out this week. You may also know Andy Bell from Ride! I was never a huge Oasis fan -- I was always more of a Blur guy -- but for some reason I am excited about this album. There is also a new EP out from The Dum Dum Girls this week. Have you heard their album, I Will Be, from last year yet? You need to. Like, right now! The new Lykke Li album is also out this week. I honestly never really paid her much attention when her last album came out but this new one is great! I seriously did not think that I would be liking it but it somehow cast a spell over me. The new Dustin O'Halloran album is also fantastic. It is more indie classical music from Fat Cat, the label that brought us Max Richter. There is so much to listen to! I know everyone is all excited about the new Lady Gaga and I just found out the single will be out as a 12" for Record Store Day, which is also right around the corner, on Saturday, April 16th. There are tons of great exclusive 7"s and 12"s coming out this year, but what I have been really excited about is the new album by Puro Instinct. I can't get enough of this band...

I have been obsessed with Puro Instinct for a while now after becoming an instant fan once I saw them open up for Ariel Pink last year. They were known as Pearl Harbour before thankfully changing their name to Puro Instinct. I think the first time I actually heard them was at this show. They sounded like some 90's shoegaze band but they also had a distinct sort of 70s Los Angeles feel to them and they also reminded me of Fleetwood Mac. I was hooked. Imagine Cocteau Twins mixed with Puro Instinct Headbangers in EcstasyFleetwood Mac! They had some albums out on LP and just released Stilyagi as a 7" not too long ago but I was waiting patiently for this debut album. Mexican Summer just released Headbanger in Ecstasy last week and it totally delivered me exactly what I needed. The album is wispy, dreamy and a little bit spooky. It's similar to Cocteau Twins in that I have no idea what they are singing about yet I can't help but sing along all the time -- like last night in my car, even though I realized that I didn't know any of the words. I have no idea what they are singing yet the songs are crazy catchy. I really do love this album. I will need to sit down and look over the lyrics so I can actually figure out what they are saying, though it really doesn't matter. It's really all about the music and the sort of mood and feeling I get when I listen to this album cause it just puts me in the perfect mood. I hope you also get some Puro Instinct in your life soon! I think you need it.

cocteau twins


fleetwood mac

puro instinct!

buy Headbangers in Ecstasy by Puro Instinct

Don't forget! You can now buy all these new releases listed below by simply clicking on the link...All these albums are on sale at with special web only pricing. And the entire month of March is free shipping! Free Shipping! The Adele CD is only 9.98 for a limited time. Pick up these albums now! They are all recommended by me!

also out 2/22...

by Adele

No Witch
by Cave Singers

Music's Not For Everyone
by Chain & the Gang

Cult of Youth
by Cult of Youth

Angels of Darkness Demons of Light
by Earth

by Dustin O'Halloran

We're New Here
by Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX

Asleep on the Floodplain
by Six Organs of Admittance

Underneath the Pine
by Toro Y Moi

also out 3/1...

Different Gear Still Shifting
by Beady Eye

Anna Calvi
by Anna Calvi

100 Lovers
by Devotchka

He Gets Me High
by The Dum Dum Girls

Wounded Rhymes
by Lykke Li

Fading Parade
by The Papercuts

belle & sebastian write about love! out 10/12!

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new Belle & Sebastian album
Write About Love

out Tuesday, 10/12, on Matador Records!

pick up the new album on CD or LP at Amoeba on Tuesday!
(there will be a limited edition free 7"..."suicide girl" b/w "last trip"... with purchase at the store...available while supplies last!)

or buy the CD now at

Belle & Sebastian Write About Love 
CD $10.98

all purchases of the cd or lp include the chance to get meet Stuart and have him write a song about you to be released on 7" next year!....more details here...

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