Local Bits: Cold Showers, Nick Waterhouse and More

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Cold Showers – “I Don’t Mind” video
Local goodies Cold Showers have a new video of their reverb-tastic track “I Don’t Mind” via Room 205/Incase. The shadowy textures cast across the band members look almost like they’ve been painted and match the dark undertones of their dreamy post-punk. OK guys, we’ve been drooling over you for a while now, it’s time for a full-length.


Nick Waterhouse – “The Streets Are Ours” (cover)
Garagey doo-wop firebrand Nick Waterhouse has been winning hearts here in L.A. for some time now, but his recent SXSW shows have won him a host of new fans. Check out this cover of the Richard Hawley gem “The Streets Are Ours,” for which the word “swoon” was invented, recorded for Aquarium Drunkard’s Lagniappe Sessions. I’m not sure if this would make you want to listen more or less, but “The Streets Are Ours” was once my MySpace song.
Pitchfork Yours Truly Vids – Princeton, Nite Jewel, Julia Holter
A number of wonderful L.A. artists have been appearing on Pitchfork’s Yours Truly lately. In fact, three of the last four videos are from L.A. artists — indie-pop group Princeton, noir dance songstress Nite Jewel and heady keys maestro Julia Holter, who recently played a kickass show at Amoeba Hollywood. (Check out the latest albums by Nite Jewel and Julia Holter at Amoeba!)

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Local Bits: New Tracks from Princeton, TRMRS, Races

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Princeton – Florida

Princeton have gotten increasingly pop-oriented and more electronic over the past couple of years. “Florida” is the latest example of their evolution, a richly detailed Rhodes piano-led driving jam that feels like cruising beachside, either in Miami or their native So. Cal. Check out its Cosmic Kids remix too for even more chill vibes. Princeton play Café Bleu Feb. 16, and their new album, Remembrance of Things to Come, is due Feb. 21 on Hit City U.S.A./Easter Everywhere.


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Shoegazers Sleeping Bags Release Debut Album, Play Bootleg Tonight

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As a diehard shoegaze fan, my ears tend to perk up any time I hear the following things: echo, reverb, tremolo, washed out vocals, densely layered guitars. So witnessing the birth of a true LA shoegaze band in the form of Sleeping Bags has been a pleasure.

The band consists of brothers and Princeton members Matt and Jesse Kivel (the latter also of Kisses), on guitar/vocals and drums/vocals, respectively, plus Abe Burns on guitar, David Lewis on bass and Mark Nieto on synths and other noise. Their self-titled debut, out now on Easter Everywhere, calls to mind swirling shoegaze maestros like Ride, Chapterhouse and Swervedriver, but with more of a willingness to explore synth-laden textural landscapes, akin to modern shoegazers like Airiel, Film School and The War on Drugs. Songly like “March of Gold” create inviting aural fields of sound with lovelorn melodies before igniting them with guitar fireworks.

Burns says the band formed when he and Matt Kivel worked at Daily Variety. (Hey, I worked there too! Ages ago though.) Burns says they practiced once before their first show, writing all of his parts during that first practice. Later, they added members, fleshed out the songs with more sonic texture, with Lewis of Gentle Hands coming on board last to add low-end sound.

Its great dream-pop aesthetic aside, the band also bonded over krautrock bands like Can, Neu!, Faust and Cluster, which can be seen in Jesse Kivel’s insistent beats in songs like “Park” or the more ambient, Eno-esque “Marine.”

“When we recorded, it was really LOUD,” Burns says. “I’ve never had to wear earplugs under my headphones. We cranked everything. I had my guitar going through my amp and a PA, you could 'feel' the sound moving around the room.”

The album, recorded in two days at KXLU, can be purchased at and  And if you can’t make it to the Bootleg tonight, chances are they’ll be playing Pehrspace again soon, where they’ve taken to playing every couple of months.

Show tonight:
Bootleg Theater
2220 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90057
Sleeping Bags are on at 9 p.m., followed by Baron Von Luxxury, Robatanists and Spirit Animals