The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, 7/19-8/5

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SF Jewish Film Festival

Amoeba is proud to co-present five films at the 38th annual San Francisco Jewish Film Festival (SFJFF), which runs July 19 - August 5 at locations all around the Bay Area. This year, the festival will present more than 65 films and 135 individual screenings, performances, and events in San Francisco, Palo Alto, San Rafael, Oakland, and Berkeley. To see the full schedule and purchase single tickets or passes, please visit the SFJFF ticketing page HERE! Plus, enter the code AMOEBA38 when buying your tickets and you'll receive a special discount!

Amoeba Music will be co-presenting the following films:

The City Without Jews (with live score performed by Sascha Jacobsen and the Musical Art Quintet)City Without Jews
Sunday, July 22. 7pm. Castro Theatre
Missing for more than 90 years, the final parts of the silent Austrian film The City Without Jews were finally found in a Parisian flea-market. When the Filmarchiv Austria 2016 announced the rediscovery of the long missing scenes, a worldwide effort to complete the restoration was sparked. Over 700 individual donors supported the project, saving the remaining prints from chemical delay.
Based on the novel, The City without Jews written by Hugo Bettauer in 1922, satirizing an utopian idea of expelling the Jews from Vienna. The film adaptation by director Hans Karl Breslauer was accompanied in 1924 by sanctions by the National Socialists and in 1925 Bettauer was shot dead by a National Socialist. The rise of the NSDAP in Austria with means of terror resulted in the so-called Anschluss 1938. What followed was the expulsion and murder of Central European Jews in the Holocaust.

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New "What's In My Bag?" Episode with Wolf Parade

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Wolf Parade - What's In My Bag? Amoeba Music

Dan Boeckner and Arlen Thompson of Wolf Parade were at Amoeba Hollywood recently schooling us on some of the records that influenced them in their formative years, new records they've been getting into, and Canadian heroes that have been overlooked by the "arbitrators of cultural taste" in their own country. Take, for example, the industrial group Skinny Puppy. "I would argue that this is the most influential Canadian band of the 1980s," Boeckner proclaimed, calling them, "a totally misunderstood and under-appreciated band in its own country...without this band you wouldn't have Nine Inch Nails (and) Ministry." Boeckner goes on to explain that Canadian taste-makers have "pretty much erased these guys from the history books." There was much more to be said about all of the records picked by the two band mates, making for an insightful and fun What's In My Bag? interview. 

Canadian indie rock band Wolf Parade formed in 2003 when former Frog Eyes member Spencer Krug found himself with three weeks to get a group together. He teamed up with Dan Boeckner (ex-Atlas Wolf Parade Cry Cry CryStrategic) and the pair began writing songs in Krug's apartment, accompanied by a drum machine. Arlen Thompson eventually took over percussionist duties. A year later, the group traveled to Portland to work with Modest Mouse's Isaac Brock on their self-titled Sub Pop debut EP. The current lineup solidified when Dante DeCaro (ex-Hot Hot Heat) signed on in 2005.

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Sidewalk Sale at Amoeba Hollywood Saturday, July 14

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Sidewalk Sale at Amoeba Hollywood

It's time for the next sidewalk sale at Amoeba Hollywood! Come see what's up for grabs on Saturday, July 14th from 12pm-4pm. We'll have amazing deals on DVDs, Blu-rays, CDs, vinyl, posters, books, comics & more. Everything is priced to move fast and conveniently located just outside the store.

Check out some of the great bargains you'll find at our sidewalk sale:

  • DVDs: 3 for $5 or $2 each
  • DVD box sets: 2 for $5 or $3 each
  • Blu-ray: 3 for $10 or $4 each
  • CDs: all buy one, get one of
    equal or lesser value free
  • LPs: up to $3 off
  • Cassettes: 2 for $1
  • Stickers: 4 for $2 or $0.75 each
  • Buttons: 4 for $1 or $0.50 each
  • Patches: 2 for $1
  • Books, mags & comics: 2 for $1
  • Posters: 3 for $5 or $2 each
  • Framed posters: priced as marked

All sidewalk sale items are aggressively sale priced. Therefore, we do not accept store credits, gift certificates, coupons or other offered store sales for any sidewalk sale items. Additionally, we cannot offer customer holds or mail order. All sales are final.

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Toys & Collectables Sale at Amoeba SF, July 13 & 14

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All new and used toys and collectables will be on sale at Amoeba San Francisco on Friday, July 13th and Saturday, July 14th! For those two days, the world-famous Amoeba SF stage will be transformed into a mini toy store and collectables extravaganza from the hours of noon to 5pm.

We'll have a little bit of everything: Transformers, Neca, Star Wars, Funko, Super7...even Barbie! We'll have many hard to find and out of print pieces too, all at incredible prices. There will be something for everyone!

Amoeba SF Toys

Ghost Ship Duo's Conviction on 36 Counts of Manslaughter Brings Little Closure While Time and Music Help In The Long Healing Process

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Tuesday's breaking news that Ghost Ship proprietors Derick Almena and Max Harris had been convicted on all 36 counts of manslaughter in a no-contest plea should have provided some sense of closure for 
those still healing from losing loved ones in the deadly December 2nd 2016 Oakland warehouse fire.  
Barrett Clark
"Sure those two guys get locked up for six or nine or how many years but that doesn't bring back to life the 36 beautiful artists taken. That's not justice and it's certainly not closure for us. That doesn't help in the slow healing process. Time heals. And music helps in the healing too," said one Oakland artist who lost two close friends in the fire and asked remain anonymous.

Indeed music heals and there's been an awful lot of Ghost Ship healing music released since the fire. Much like the unprecedented number of Ghost Ship benefit concerts, 18 and 19 months ago, there has also been a most unusual number of Ghost Ship musical tributes / benefit compilations. Scroll down to read more on these releases that have included the Oakland Love compilation LP and Ratskin Records' box set Rogue Pulse / Gravity Collapse. Located in East Oakland's Fruitvale district the converted warehouse live/work artist collective was described as a home, studio, venue, and safe space for local artists, filmmakers, painters, musicians, dancers, and their families. Tragically it was also a major fire hazard with its impromptu interior design constructed with no permits but with lots flammable wood. 

The fire took place on the Friday night of December 2nd 2016 during the beginning stages of an all night music party thrown by 100% Silk (dance music imprint of the Not Not Fun). The fire and its deadly smoke (inhalation killed most) spread fast. In all it would take the lives of 36 people, ages 17 through 61, most of whom were musicians and artists. They included electronic artist and DJ Cherushii (Chelsea Dolan - pictured below) who also did a show on KALX. Three other volunteers at that UC Berkeley radio station were also killed in the fire: Griffin Madden (aka DJ Laura), Vanessa Plotkin, and Jennifer Morris. Amoeba Berkeley is a few blocks from KALX and countless people from KALX have worked at Amoeba or shopped there. That's how personal and close to home this tragedy struck. It seemed like everyone in the entire Bay Area knew someone who had perished in the Ghost Ship fire. Beyond the Bay like in NY and especially down in LA there was all these people who were connected with the Oakland arts collective. Different communities were devastated by the fire including the trans community.  Am the 36 were the three trans women Feral Pines, Cash Askew, and Em Bohlka.  

Among the many friends of Amoeba in the fire was 22-year-old electronic musician Cash Askew (Them Are Us Too) and 35-year-old sound engineer Barrett Clark. Pictured above Clark, who was handling the mixing board for the 100% Silk event, frequently did sound engineering for Amoeba in-store shows at both the Amoeba Berkeley and San Francisco locations. 
On Tuesday the Ghost Ship proprietors "master tenant” Derick Almena and “creative director” Max Harris, who were accused of creating the deadly firetrap, pleaded no contest to involuntary manslaughter charges for all 36 killed in a no plea deal in which Almena (48) will receive a nine-year sentence in county jail and Harris (28) a six year sentence. With good behavior each defendant, both incarcerated for this past year, could be released for the half the time of their sentences. By taking the plea deal the duo avoided what likely would have become a very drawn out and high-profile jury trial. With no trial they also avoided being in court for a long time and everyday facing the families and friends of the fire's victims. But now the victims' relatives and loved ones won't have the opportunity to have a day in court, and provide a sense of closure.

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