The Best Albums of 2017

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The Best Albums of 2017

As 2017 winds down, we've taken stock of our favorite albums this year and gathered them here to share with you. Staff members from each of our stores have narrowed down their Best of 2017 picks and detailed what makes them the best. Join us as we take a stroll through the fantastic music of this past year! And here's to the exciting new releases that the New Year will bring!

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Best of 2017 Hip Hop

Black Moon - Enta da Stage

Black Moon - Enta da Stage: The Remixes

Dropping several weeks after Fat Beats reissued Black Moon’s 1993 hip-hop classic Enta Da Stage on vinyl (also as a 2LP set), was the Enta Da Stage: The Remixes LP set by the influential Brooklyn crew. Both vinyl releases are essential for any hip-hop library. The Remixes LP features remixes and alternate versions previously released in non-album format (incl. M.W. Smooth's mix of "Who Got Da Props?" and DJ Evil Dee's remix of "How Many MC's") as well as previously unheard material such as Buckshot's new vocal version of "Shit Iz Real.” - Billyjam, Hollywood 

Best Of 2017 in Hip-Hop, Part III: Top Ten Selling Hip-Hop Albums of 2017

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Note this 2017 top ten includes some 2016 releases because of the structuring of data tabulations. The third installment in the Hip-Hop themed Best Of 2017 Amoeblogs. Examining various aspects of the four-and-a-half decade old genre, with some lists been opinion based while others (like today's) are statistically based. So too is the Top 10 Critically Acclaimed Hip-Hop Albums of 2017 and Top 10 2017 Charting Hip-Hop Singles (Video Version).

Still to come are the Top Ten Producer Albums of 2017, Top 10 Female Hip-Hop Artists, Top 20 “Lil” Rappers of 2017, and Top Ten  Selling Artists in 2017  that is based on a Forbes study comparison. Similarly today's Top Ten Selling Hip-Hop Albums of 2017 is also monetary based.

This Best Of 2017 in Hip-Hop, Part III: Top Ten Selling Hip-Hop Albums utilizes the Billboard’s Top 200 Albums Year End charts as its yardstick. It is compiled by Nielsen Music and based on multi-metric consumption of blending traditional album sales tallying the top hip-hop album sales on the Billboard Top 200 Albums (that includes all genres of top selling albums) and including streaming services data of albums via the various major online streaming platforms.

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Tribute to DJ Pam The Funkstress [1966 - 2017] + Info on Candle Light Vigil For Pam [Thursday Dec 28 @ 7:30pm]

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The world has just lost a truly beautiful spirit: Bay Area DJ Pam “The Funkstress” Warren died yesterday, reportedly from organ failure following a recent liver transplant. Next Thursday evening, Dec 28th in Oakland there will be a Candle Light Vigil For Pam an artist and individual who was widely loved in her native Bay Area and beyond (scroll down for details). Even though this news of Pam's passing comes on the heels of the artist's sudden serious health scare last month, as reported on the Amoeblog, when she was rushed into a San Francisco hospital's ICU where she would undergo a surgery procedure that was a success, most believed (and prayed) that Pam would make a full recovery.

This was after all the hard-working, always positive and energetic Pam The Funkstress who would overcome any obstacle and who had triumphed and accomplished so much in life: from her beginnings as an 80's Bay Area battle DJ, to her membership from the early 90's of the world renowned political hip-hop crew The Coup, to her successful career as an in-demand party rocking club DJ whose skills were so impressive that Prince chose her to be his tour DJ (as Purple Pam) for what would be his final tour. And let's not forget Pam's other dual career of many years as a gifted chef running her own successful Bay Area business: Piccadilly Catering & Event Solutions. And all of this she ably accomplished as a strong independent black woman: armed with a positive outlook and an inbuilt sense of confidence and ambition. 

Best of 2017: Kelly's Personal Picks

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kelly best of 2017 new music shit year burn down the past
sometimes the past burns itself down

This year has been, in a word, unbalanced. Thankfully there was a wonderful array of music and movies to take the edge off the chaotic instability. Here are ten or so of my personal favorite new releases that got me over and through this year's peaks and troughs...

 Once And Future Band  self-titled debut album vunyl S/T LP Castle Face Records
Once & Future Band - Once & Future Band
(Castle Face Records)

This molten monolith of masterful musicianship dropped back in January and, dammit, it is without a doubt the best record of the year. Sounding a little bit like a bygone vision of future sounds, I like to think of this album as the melodic equivalent of going thirty years into the future and replacing the plutonium fission reactor on your homemade time machine with Mr. Fusion before returning to 1985. You could wear yourself out trying to dial-in the potential influences that inform the shifting paradigm of sonic cues, fluid syncopation, beyond-the-friend-zone journal excerpts et cetera at work here, or you could just let go and let this progressive psychedelic jazz-rock splitter take the wheel. Either way, you'll be totally taken in by this beast. It rules!

Check out this trippy rainbow Rorschach sponge art video for "Rolando":

Peter Murphy Residency at The Chapel, 1/23-2/16

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Peter Murphy at Amoeba SF

Amoeba Music, (((folkYEAH!))), and The Chapel proudly present a unique career-spanning residency with the “Godfather of Goth,” Peter Murphy, at San Francisco's The Chapel, January 23rd through February 16th! Murphy will join SF audiences for 16 nights, performing legendary albums in their entirety from throughout his career in this internationally exclusive event.

First emerging from the British underground in the late '70s, Murphy (along with bandmates Daniel Ash, David J, and Kevin Haskins) fronted the groundbreaking, iconic post-punk band Bauhaus, which spawned four seminal albums as well as keystone singles “She's In Parties,” "Silent Hedges,” and, of course, "Bela Lugosi’s Dead," before disbanding in 1983. Murphy launched a successful solo career with Should the World Fail to Fall Apart in 1986. His most-recent release, the live album Bare-Boned & Sacred, came out this year.

The final three shows of the residency (2/14-2/16) will be all-Bauhaus sets featuring special guest David J

Extra special added bonus factoid: The Chapel was once home to a mortuary!

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