An Introduction

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Hi there!

My name is Mike Battaglia (aka mikebee) and I'm the Electronica Buyer at Amoeba Music SF. This is my own little section of the new Amoeblog, called Technophilia -- because (to quote an old Adamski tune from the early 90's), I Love Technology. Here I'll be talking about electronic & dance music, its past, present and future -- and the myriad sub-genres and strange connections that populate its world. I'll also be gabbing about technology and how it applies to creating and consuming music; how it shapes what we listen to and how we listen to it. I hope you like it!

below, A Piece of an Infinite Whole by Jen Stark, photo by Harlan Erskine (via Boingboing)


Criminally Insane !!

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 It's exactly what you think it is:

And it's exactly what you want it to be (61 minutes!!!):

Criminally Insane is also available on a Retro Shock-O-Rama Cinema triple feature dvd showcases famed softcore director Nick Philips' other horror ventures, Satan's Black Wedding & Crazy Fat Ethel 2 (aka Criminally Insane 2, made in 1987!).

World Video Pictures WV1059

The Outing

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Quite possibly the ultimate EVIL GENIE movie (let's forget Wishmaster, Wishmaster 2, Wishmaster 3, and Wishmaster 4.... at least until I post a complete evil genie filmography) ! '80s teens in peril (pastel wardrobe & all), poor choices & parties, plus "magical" optical effects combine for a good time (aka running length = < 90 minutes).

The highlight is the genie design (that's him on the back) which looks as if it was so cumbersome they must have resorted to pushing him around in a shopping cart to get any movement. The gruesome results are definitely no picnic here.

The only real disappointment is a surprising lack of nudity...

IVE # 65382


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               INT. GREG'S OFFICE - DAY

               GREG, late 20's, sits in half-lotus position on his cluttered
               desk. He is wearing a button-up shirt and tie. His shoes are

               His eyes are closed. His thumbs and middle fingers, touching.
               He is meditating.

               We can hear the sounds of a bustling corporate world outside
               his office.

               Door opens. Enter LOUIS, pre-teen, overweight, nerdy. He is
               holding a cardboard drink carrier in which are four tall
               mochas. Balanced on top of this is a small paper bag.

               Louis closes the door behind him.

               Greg does not respond to Louis' entry; continues meditating.

               Louis stands still and watches Greg.

               Some time passes.

Karate Warrior

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In 1987, Italian Fabrizio De Angelis struck gold with what would be his longest running film series - KARATE WARRIOR!

Karate Warrior II followed in 1988...
Karate Warrior III in 1991....
Karate Warrior IV in 1992....
Karate Warrior V in 1992 (2 in '92!)...
Karate Warrior VI in 1993....

De Angelis was a true hero during the golden age of Italian exploitation, producing many of Lucio Fulci's greatest works (Zombi 2, The Beyond, House By The Cemetery, New York Ripper, etc) and directing the Native American / Rambo knockoff classic Thunder (plus its two sequels). It seems he's had his fingers in just about everything - he was the special effects expert on Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals (1977) and the CHEF for Cold Mountain !

Karate Warrior followed hot on the heels of Karate Kid 2 (1986), presenting a very similar plotline but shifting the action from Japan to the Philippines. Young American Anthony Scott travels to Manila to visit his estranged father and quickly crosses paths with local thug/ martial arts master Quino. Kicking Quino in the balls (!!!) does Anthony little good to ingratiate himself to his new friend and is soon beaten & left for dead in the forest.... where a kindly monk / former ninja master nurses him back to health & teaches him how to kill a cow with the sacred & powerful Dragon Punch (a feat of magical skill - a blue halo of light engulfs the fist!) At some point, Anthony finds the time to fall in love, save the girl's brother from a house fire AND win her admiration by beating Quino in the town's karate tournament by using the aforementioned Dragon Punch (oops... spoiler alert). All in less than 90 minutes !

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