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Black Moon
The following Top 30 Hip-Hop Singles chart from February/March 1993, which was originally compiled and published by long defunct East Coast hip-hop zine One Nut Network, was put together based on rap singles' airplay on both college hip-hop radio shows and commercial radio mix shows at the time. The time was early 1993, considered by most as the tail end of hip-hop's much celebrated and oft lamented so-called "golden age" or "golden era," when, it seemed, every new hip-hop release was a noteworthy (and worth owning) release. And while that belief may not be 100% correct, it is, as the following chart indicates, pretty darn close to the truth.

By just eye-balling the 30 singles on the Feb/March 1993 chart below, many of which, including Black Moon, Dr Dre, Young Black Teenagers, and Ice Cube, got released towards the end of 1992 but still had airplay into the first quarter of 1993, you can tell a lot about the status of hip-hop at the time and where it stood in its historical development. For example, many of the acts most associated with the aforementioned "golden age" of hip-hop were represented here, including Kool G Rap ("Ill Street Blues"), Gang Starr ["Gotta Get Over (Taking Loot)"], Brand Nubian ("Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down"), Diamond D ("Sally Got A One Track Mind"), Naughty By Nature ("Hip Hop Hooray"), and Lords of the Underground ("Funky Child") -- each of which happened to be East Coast (NY or NJ) acts.

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Among the many artists up for a Grammy this year is longtime Bay Area Latin jazz musician John Santos, whose 2009 anti-war themed album La Guerra No (Machete Records) is nominated under the the Best Traditional World Music category. This is actually not the first time in his career that the Afro-Latin percussionist has been nominated for such an award, but if he wins, it will be the first time he will have won.

Santos is also an in demand music lecturer on the college circuit, and like the seasoned musician and music industry veteran he is, he takes it all in stride, with a sense of realism and a wait-and-see attitude. Should the Grammy be granted to him this weekend, it will be something he'll share the glory of with the (literally) dozens of other artists from various other countries who collaborated and contributed to this powerful album that took a five year period to record and produce.

Earlier today I caught up the busy artist to ask him about his career to date, what went into the making of La Guerra No, and whether or not he will be heading down to LA for Sunday night's big event, the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards.

Amoeblog: How many times have you been nominated for a Grammy?

John Santos: This is the fifth time.

Amoeblog: And how does it feel to be nominated?

John Santos: It's an honor.

Amoeblog: For those who may not be aware of your prolific body of work, can you briefly run down your rich musical history?

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Our Oscar Nomination Predictions!

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Three of Amoeba's most rabid Oscar fans make their predictions before the nominations are announced this Tuesday, Feb 2. Read on to hear our thoughts about who will be nominated, who will win, how the hosting will go, the new policy of naming 10 Best Picture nominees and, of course, who will make the best and worst dressed lists!

Sally: First of all, what kind of hosts do you think Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin will be? Can they do a great job? I feel kind of weird about how having them is just an advertisement for their film, It's Complicated, but at the same time, I genuinely like both dudes and think they are talented. They have potential to be very funny. We'll see. I just hope they are cutting when necessary and also don't bloat the show with excess that is not necessary. Know what I mean? Oh, and if pressed, I would definitely rather see them do a comedic musical number than Hugh Jackman's last year, but maybe that's just me. I say bring back Jon Stewart!

January 27, 2010

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Book of Eli movie ticket stub

January 30, 2001: Sugar and Spice

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Sugar and Spice movie ticket stub
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