Top Ten 2020 Black Lives Matter Protest Songs: Video Version Countdown

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The following Top Ten 2020 Black Lives Matter Protest Songs / video version countdown list is comprised of all new hip-hop songs that were recorded in the days and weeks following May 25th. That infamous Memorial Day 2020 marks the now historic date on which Minnesota resident George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police. Both the official medical examiner's report and an independent autopsy each ruled Floyd’s death from asphyxiation to be a homicide. That homicide, captured on viral video, would reignite as never before Black Lives Matter (BLM); the movement founded in 2013 following the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin from the previous year. 

The majority of the videos below were made by the artists as official music videos while a few, such as the Jim Jones one, were fan made videos to accompany the audio only versions. Many of the 2020 BLM songs in the countdown below reference Trayvon Martin along with such other recent era African American fatal victims of racist brutality as Ahmaud Abery, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Oscar Grant and of course George Floyd.  Before introducing the first song/video in the countdown a special mention of a couple of worthy songs not included here due to having no accompanying video versions; "Freedom" by Che Noir & Apollo Brown from As God Intended and "Mother's Milk" by staHHr & Crazy DJ Bazarro

#10 YnX716 “First Amendment” 

First up in the top ten countdown is Buffalo, NY mic talent YnX716 from his EP “Buffalo Not AmeriKKKa” and the track “First Amendment” that tackles head on the topic of police brutality in the United States. 

#9 Jim Jones “The People (Remix) (feat. Conway The Machine & Marc Scibilia)”

Featuring both Conway The Machine and Marc Scibilia this is the July remix of the June 2020 Jim Jones’ politically charged track entitled “The People.” That song by the Harlem rapper recorded following the George Floyd murder was, as noted by its makers, made in direct response, “to the loss of Black lives due to racism and systematic oppression.” 

#8 Dre “Captured On A iPhone”

Recorded and released within less than a week following George Floyd’s killing, this vivid track by Dre about all of the racist attacks captured on phone cameras, even includes a sample of a TV newscaster breaking news of the Minneapolis police murder. 

#7 Alex Ludovico & Jason Griff "Black Runner”

Rapped in the first person as if through the eyes of Georgia murder victim Ahmaud Abery in his final day back in February innovative emcee Alex Ludovico, with producer Jason Griff smooth soulful backdrop, takes listeners back to that final run taken by Abery and what must have been going through his mind. Note that all proceeds from digital sales of this song at go to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. 

#6 Tall Black Guy “Gimme Mine (feat. 80’s Babies)”

Always on point and next level Detroit producer Tall Black Guy is joined by 80’s Babies on this amazing, predominantly instrumental June 12th released track off his Restless As We Are seven song release. 

#5 Papoose “Tribute”

Brooklyn’s Papoose outdid himself on this incredible track that was recorded and released less than a week following Memorial Day 2020. In the “Tribute” song to black lives lost, that’s methodically stylized as an A-Z list, he alphabetically name-checks numerous victims of racist brutality. 

#4 MURS  "iiindependence Day"

Fittingly released on July 4th “iiindependence Day” by MURS was released as a one off solo artist track and separate from the equally excellent consequent release by MURS and Slug, Felt 4U. The engaging MURS protest song above is part history lesson and part protest song. As a protest song it actually transcends merely calling for BLM rights but for all oppressed groups in today’s society including women and transgenders. 


#3 YG “FTP” (aka “Fuck Tha Police 2020) 

Back in 2016 talented LA rapper YG, with help from the late great Nipsey Hussle, brought the world the viral/controversial video/song “FDT” (“Fuck Donald Trump”). Four years later, on June 12th 2020, YG unleashed “FTP” (“Fuck The Police”). This 2020 YG song/video (already at almost 4 million YouTube views) is the rapper’s updated 2020 version of the N.W.A song off their 1988 album Straight Outta Compton. The new YG song is more of a homage than a straight up cover version of N.W.A’s infamous late 80’s classic “Fuck tha Police.”

#2 Terrace Martin "PIG FEET (feat. Denzel Curry, Daylyt, Kamasi Washington, & G Perico)"
Released exactly one week after George Floyd’s murder Terrace Martin’s “PIG FEET” (featuring Denzel Curry, Daylyt, Kamasi Washington & G Perico) is an emotionally charged protest song by the Kendrick Lamar producer. The brand new song and its accompanying video, that compiles news footage of protests and riots, opens to the voice of distressed woman over the noise of a helicopter heard wailing “They shot him. They shot him, they shot him. Oh my God. He didn’t even have a gun!” while the video’s bold text reads “THE VIDEO FOR THIS SONG IS HAPPENING RIGHT OUTSIDE YOUR WINDOW.” 

#1: Public Enemy + Guests “Fight The Power 2020” 

For the late June BET 2020 awards broadcast Public Enemy and guests performed an updated for the current times version of their 1989 protest hit single “Fight The Power” single track off the soundtrack to Spike Lee's movie Do The Right Thing. For this summer’s 20th anniversary BET event, that honored African-Americans killed by police brutality and racial injustice, Chuck D and Flavor Flav unveiled the updated “Fight The Power 2020” version with guests including Nas, Black Thought, Rapsody, Jahi and the aforementioned YG. The new 2020 version of “Fight The Power” is as powerful and moving as the original and tragically as relevant today as it was 31 years ago! 

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