10 New Music Releases on, 3/20/20

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Lots of things in our lives may have been canceled, but not music! Here's a list of 10 of our favorites from this week's new releases, available on (FREE SHIPPING TO THE U.S.)! See all the new releases HERE.

Wild Chile!

Various Artists: Wild Chile! A Collection Of Rare & Wild 60's Chilean Rock 'N' Roll

A collection of rare and wild '60s Chilean rock n' roll. A new installment of the Wild series, focused on wild, untamed Latin American rock n' roll from the '60s. This time Pinche Discos takes you to the beautiful land of Chile for a rollercoaster of wild sounds and smashing and obscure hits. In Wild Chile! you'll find, of course, wild rock n' roll but also crazed out twist, soul stompers, and a few fiery instrumentals too. If you know the previous two volumes of this series you know what to expect: a record perfectly designed to make your next party explode, pure dynamite! Features Willy Monti & Los Tiburones, Los Atomos, Pepe Pato & Los Stereos, and more.

Only on vinyl, of course!

Black Pumas

Black Pumas: Black Pumas (vinyl picture disc)

Austin, Texas soulsters Black Pumas serve up luscious, psychedelic soul on their intriguing self-titled debut album. The band features the enviable talents of Grammy-winning guitarist/producer Adrian Quesada and songwriter Eric Burton, who met Quesada in Austin after starting out in LA and busking his way across the country. Together, the two serve up fresh, urgent, ultra vibrant tunes that have been described as “Ghostface Killah and Motown in equal measure.” It’s a pretty apt summation of where Black Pumas draw inspiration from but their sound is 100% all their own. Few records this year sound as vital and important as this one.

The original album came out in June of 2019, but now you can get the collectible picture disc!

Cocteau Twins: Garlands & Victorialand (vinyl reissues)

Two early and seminal Cocteau Twins albums reissued on vinyl with digital download cards. You need this in your life!

Garlands was the Cocteau Twins debut album, released in the early Fall of 1982. It was the only album they made with original bassist Will Heggie. Describing it as "haunting," "spellbound," and "diaphanous," the critics wore out their adjectives. This was rock music conjured in the unlikeliest environment from the strangest of material. This is the first vinyl pressing in over ten years.

Victorialand, their fourth album, was released in the Spring of 1986. The largely acoustic, non-percussive album was made with Elizabeth and Robin, while Simon was working on This Mortal Coil's second album. It's stripped back at points to where it's nothing but a Guthrie guitar line and Fraser's voice.

sea wolf

Sea Wolf: Through A Dark Wood

Available on CD, vinyl, and Indie Exclusive Translucent Milky Vinyl!

Indie folk stalwart Alex Brown Church aka Sea Wolf has always been methodical when it comes to his discography. For a career that spans nearly two full decades, Through A Dark Wood is only his fifth album, and comes a full six years after his last release. Fortunately, that extended time is reflected in the quality and intent of these 11 songs, with every guitar line and string section nestled perfectly in place. Listening to it is akin to watching Bob Ross endlessly sculpt and perfect a landscape in real time.

Def Leppard: The Early Years 79-81 (CD box set)

Def Leppard's five CD set, representing the band's first two albums, On Through The Night (1980) and High `N' Dry (1981) (also just reissued today on CD & vinyl), has been prepared in conjunction with singer Joe Elliott, who has acted as executive producer on the set. This set contains the original albums remastered, B-sides, rarities and re-mix versions, Radio One sessions, Live from Reading, and the first ever appearance of an unreleased and newly mixed show from Oxford in 1980.

For Def Heads only.

Brian Marsalla

Brian Marsella: Gatos Do Sul

Brian Marsella is finally being recognized as one of the most talented and imaginative pianists of his generation. A veteran of countless bands including Banquet of the Spirits and many projects with John Zorn, his recent recordings have been some of the most exciting music coming out of the NYC jazz scene. Here he leads an octet to perform his scintillating compositions inspired by classical, jazz, and folkloric Brazilian music. 

CD only.


Mapache: From Liberty Street

Mapache's new album, captures the Los Angeles duo at their finest, with Sam Blasucci and Clay Finch weaving airtight harmonies around stripped-down, organic arrangements that blur the lines between traditional folk and modern cosmic country. The songs here reckon with longing, desire, and change, and the arrangements draw on everything from Hawaiian-steeped surf and Mexican boleros to Bakersfield twang and lonesome cowboy campfire tunes, all delivered with the kind of easygoing charm and natural intuition usually reserved for blood brothers or married couples.

Available on CD & vinyl.


Morrissey: I Am Not A Dog On A Chain

Available on CD, vinyl, and Indie-exclusive Clear Vinyl!

Morrissey's 13th solo album is also his first album of original material since 2017's Low in High School. Despite his unpopular opinions and pain-in-the-assness, this album is a a bold departure, going places he has yet to go musically. Namely, the world of synths and electronica.


Moaning: Uneasy Laughter

Los Angeles heavy rock trio Moaning leans into their post-punk side on their sophomore album, the excellent Uneasy Laughter. The band still sounds tightly-coiled and poised to strike at any time but this time, they’ve incorporated woozy ‘80s synths and an undercurrent of melancholy. The songwriting is top-notch, bolstered by vocalist/guitarist Sean Solomon’s heartfelt, intelligent lyrics and heady, moody melodies. Moaning just get better and better with each sonic evolution, and Uneasy Laughter promises to be one of contemporary post-punk’s best releases this year.

Available on CD & vinyl.

Jon Hassell: Vernal Equinox

Discover (or rediscover, if you’ve been lucky enough to have been a Vernal Equinox fan for years) Jon Hassell’s innovative and intriguing 1977 debut album! Named one of Pitchfork’s 50 Best Ambient Albums of All Time, this raga-inspired, avant-garde trumpet album draws on Miles Davis-influenced jazz, Indian classical music, and New Age music to create a thoroughly unexpected fusion of sounds. With the advent of this tasty reissue, Vernal Equinox is available on vinyl for the first time in 42 years, sounding as fresh and uncompromising as the day it was born. The LP features sleeve notes from Jon Hassell and longtime collaborator Brian Eno, with crisp sound courtesy of remastering direct from the original tapes. This compelling, experimental work is a must-hear.

Available on CD & vinyl.


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