Weird Wednesdays this January at the Alamo Drafthouse New Mission

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Happy New Weird Year at as Amoeba Music joins Alamo Drafthouse New Mission in San Francisco for another month of Weird Wednesdays! 2020 starts strong with January's collection of fringe favorites:

Wednesday, January 8. 10pm.
Upping the ante even harder from his previous Freeway, subversive legend Matthew Bright pushes the road movie to the furthest extremes of taste, hilarity, and shock with an effervescent touch. Think “Female Trouble meets Natural Born Killers”, with a teenage version of Natasha Lyonne’s Orange is the New Black character on a Hansel-and-Gretel quest to escape prison, bulimia, schizo murders and the clutches of Sister Gomez (Vincent Gallo in drag!) Trust Natasha when she sez: "You're telling me aliens flew all the way down to Earth just to watch you blow your dad?"

THE QUEST (1985)
Wednesday, January 15. 9:45pm.
A one-kid Goonies -- or, Amblin Down Under! The Quest is possibly the coolest film by Ozploitation auteur Brian Trenchard-Smith (BMX Bandits, Stunt Rock), and centers on the charismatic final boyhood performance of Henry Thomas (E.T., The Haunting of Hill House) before he hit adulthood. Orphaned 14-year-old Cody has a MacGyver-ish spirit with fearlessness to match. Living with his guardian in an outback Australian township, Cody hears of an Aboriginal creature myth known as the “Donkegin,” sparking a burning interest that won't rest. Convinced an underwater monster prowls a nearby dam, Cody journeys into the very shadow-land of mystery and intrigue. This film is thoroughly charming, perfectly capturing the infectious spirit of determination and discovery within teen outcast dreamers everywhere.

Wednesday, January 22, 10:15pm
Hosted by Jeremy Wein, host of Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn's Out of Tune series, a series focusing on underrated, underloved and misunderstood movie musical. From the minds of Hollywood super-producer Allan Carr and disco mogul Jacques Morali, it’s the movie musical event of the ‘80s – Can't Stop The Music! Steve Guttenberg, Valerie Perrine, and Caitlyn Jenner star in this heavily fictionalized origin story for disco sensations The Village People that, while critically and commercially reviled upon its release in 1980, has aged into that rare sort of perfect camp artifact. You’ll see The Village People as kids! An outrageous milk commercial with choreography by Hot Gossip’s Arlene Phillips! A "YMCA" production number with a cast of over 250 hunky male athletes! And more! You’ll never be quite the same again.

Wednesday, January 29. 10:15.
Screening in 35mm! Get ready to “hack your own brain” with Johnny Mnemonic - the prescient, paranoia-fueled cyber-thriller that dared to bring together Keanu Reeves, Ice-T, Henry Rollins, and humanity’s last hope - a psychic dolphin. When you have some data too hot to pass across the Net, you hire Johnny (Reeves), a “mnemonic courier” who will hide your stuff via a storage implant in his brain. Johnny wants out, but he has one more job to do, a job that will have shadowy multinational corporations and the Yakuza hot on his tail for the information he carries! Nowhere on the Net is safe, though Johnny didn’t last this long on the job without coming up with a few tricks of his own. Adapted to the screen by William Gibson, and featuring one of the strangest cast ever assembled – including Dolph Lundgren, Takeshi Kitano, and Udo KierJohnny Mnemonic is the ultimate '90s cyber-fever dream complete with more tech speak than a 1995 Windows guide and a few more bytes than a Sega.

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