Weird Wednesday at The Alamo Drafthouse New Mission in September

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Amoeba and Alamo Drafthouse are at it again this September as we continue our partnership for Weird Wednesday at the New Mission theater in SF! Weird Wednesday is Alamo's weekly celebration of movies that are too outrageous, too beastly, too gritty, and sometimes too synthy for prime time. Here's what we have in store for you this month...

Wednesday, September 4. 10:15pm
Mary and her son Charles are shapeshifting, telekinetic beasts who eat the souls of virgins and battle really cute house cats. Oh, and they’re also lovers. Filled with gory carnage, jaw-dropping special effects, and a constant barrage of insanity, Sleepwalkers is the ultimate WTF party in Stephen King’s filmography. Look for uncredited cameos from Mark Hamill, Joe Dante, Tobe Hooper, and Clive Barker. Plus a scene with John Landis eating a sandwich while performing an autopsy.

Wednesday, September 11. 10:40pm
A 35mm double bill played L*O*U*D, communing us with the colorful godz of classic progressive rock. Come take a topographic journey into 21st Century Schizoid land with us. Everything that makes prog wonderful (and everything scoffed at by critics of the day) is on display in Genesis: In Concert (‘77) and ELP: Pictures At An Exhibition (‘73): synths, organs, dual drummers, Rickenbacker basses, guitar prodigies, elaborate stage shows, astounding sounds, lyrics from another planet and melodies from the eighth dimension.


Wednesday, September 18. 10:20pm.
From the mind of Ed Wood (Plan 9 From Outer Space) comes Orgy of the Dead! Written by the Wood, directed by cult maverick A.C. Stephen (Fugitive Girls), with lighting and camera from Ted V. Mikels (The Doll Squad) and starring Criswell (Plan 9 From Outer Space), Orgy of the Dead is a campy, sexy and thoroughly outrageous gem from the height of the “nudie cutie” period. Horror novelist John and his girlfriend Shirley take a night drive in search of an eerie graveyard that will hopefully inspire John to come up with his next story. Instead, they stumble onto the wild rituals conducted by The Dark Master and his faithful servants.

Wednesday, September 25. 10:15pm
Nominally a remake of the Abel Ferrara/Harvey Keitel film, or perhaps an entry in the Bad Lieutenant Cinematic Universe, Port of Call New Orleans relocates from a wrecked New York City to the post-Katrina Big Easy. Terence McDonagh (Nicolas Cage) wades through the underbelly of New Orleans on a perpetual bender of painkillers, cocaine, and an assortment of transgressions to get to the bottom of a drug deal gone wrong. Marrying his trademark mega-acting with director Werner Herzog's fascination for outsized weirdos, Cage goes full Kinski in one of the most brazenly entertaining roles of his now heavily-meme'd career. Join us for a special 10th Anniversary celebration to a real one and help answer the question "what are these [email protected]' iguanas doing on my coffee table?"

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