Just Take Those Old Witchcraft Records Off the Shelf...

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By Kai Wada Roath
Ambassador of Confusion Hill and host of the Super Shangri-La Show

Louise Huebner
"If your partner is sexy enough, but projects little warmth, and warmth is what you desire...then you could use the Emotional Bondage Spell."
~ Louise Huebner (the "Official Witch of Los Angeles County"). From her 1969 album, Seduction Through Witchcraft.

In the late 1960s and early '70s, there was a fantastic blaze of witchcraft movies, books, and music. From spoken word albums like Alex Sanders' A Witch is Born, to the birth of occult rock n' roll with bands like Coven and Black Widow, this was truly the time to be rubbing your body up with Abramelin oil on a Saturday night!

In 1970, The Rattles from Germany would put out their psych-out international hit, "The Witch," but I'm sure Smokey the Bear and Woodsy the Owl did not approve of their music video.

And it was this same year that Barbara the Gray Witch would release her self-titled (and now extremely Barbara the Gray Witchhard to find) album. After being enchanted by her voice on her song "Doe-Dee," I was lured to find her, and perhaps by fate, I did. Barbara, who is now 75 and still practicing magic, told me about how she and some friends were having a Witchcraft Yard Sale on a Friday the 13th back in 1970, and some Hollywood-type talent agents found out about it and showed up to her place in San Berdoo. The next thing she knew she was recording the record and playing all over the country to promote it. She also told me that after the album was released, she received death threats and burning crosses in her yard. I wonder if those that tried to scare her even listened to her album; she is a "Gray" witch after all. She was even told by other witches that she "shared too much" on it!

"Rule #1: Under no circumstances do you screw over a witch," Barbara tells me, following up with "Rule #2: Refer back to Rule #1!" Barbara also tells me that she lives in the most haunted house in Indiana, with 32 ghosts...and then invites me to come visit and stay there. Umm...plane ticket booked! Be on the look-out for the re-release of her album (by yours truly) next year, just in time for its 50th anniversary.

Anton LaVey released Satanic Mass: Recorded Live at the Church of Satan in 1968, but it was in Anton Lavey1994 and '95 that he would release his next two albums, Strange Music and Satan Takes a Holiday, on Amarillo Records (the label of Gregg Turkington, known now to most as America's funny man Neeeeeil Haaaaambuuurger!). A reliable source told me that Anton and Gregg would meet up at a Lyon's restaurant in Daly City where they would catch up over a meal and Gregg would give Anton his cut of the album sales. I still like to daydream when I drive past by that old Lyons (now the Boulevard Cafe) of Neil Hamburger eating pancakes and sausage links with the founder of the Church of Satan.

Between 1969 and 1976, Vincent Price would record four spoken word albums based on witchcraft and the supernatural, with the first being Witchcraft and Magic: An Adventure in Demonology. Listen and learn how to invoke spirits, demons, and unknown forces while you sip your nightcap of cream sherry in your living room.

And friends, if you yourself like to dibble-dabble in the magical arts and live near San Francisco, be sure not to miss the upcoming "Witchy Weekend" this October 18th through 20th with the Modern Witches Confluence and also the Balboa Theater's Sorceress Sabbath Witchcraft Film Festival



Vincent Price

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