Always Be My Maybe Reps Amoeba Berkeley

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Always Be My MaybeBy Ramon Ortega

Amoeba Music's social media feeds were all abuzz last week upon the release of Ali Wong and Randall Park's Netflix original, Always Be My Maybe, prompting many of our amazing fans to alert us of the surprising and flattering role we had in the film. That's right, Amoeba made its streaming debut by way of Park's character, Marcus, wearing an Amoeba Berkeley t-shirt in a steamy and pivotal scene. Warning: possible spoilers ahead!

Set in San Francisco, Always Be My Maybe is directed by Nahnatchka Khan (Fresh Off The Boat) and written by Michael Golamco with Wong and Parks, who also star as the two main characters: Wong plays Marcus’s childhood friend and neighbor, Sasha. A montage quickly takes us from them as young kids in 1996 to young adults at a service for Marcus's mother. Afterwards, Sasha, trying to cheer up her best friend, gets Marcus (rocking Always Be My Maybethe fresh Amoeba Berkeley tee) out of the house. Hanging out in his parked car and singing D'Angelo, an awkward kiss from Sasha stuns Marcus, who then kisses her back, leading them both into the back seat get the idea. The post-knockin’ boots scene says it all - an Amoeba tee is perfect for most occasions, planned or unplanned. As an aside, the six-year-old Amoeba Berkeley was the only existing Amoeba in 1996, with Amoeba San Francisco opening in 1997. Points for details, ABMM crew!

The film is funny and sad with a lot of heart and a deep layer of realness that makes it shine against the background of other romantic comedies. There's an underlying sweetness balanced with brutal honesty, and it becomes easy to relate to and care about these characters. It's framed with great supporting characters (including the aforementioned Amoeba tee), and a solid and nostalgic music selection. Keep your eyes peeled for cameos from some of the Bay Area's heavy hitters in the Hip-Hop music scene. One of them produced and helped write the music for Marcus's band in the movie, a fun-time conscious rap group with live instruments. And don’t skip the end credits! You will be rewarded. Our hats off to Wong (a San Francisco native), Parks, Khan, and the rest of the crew for making something special, and thank you for including us in your heartfelt story. 

Always Be My Maybe

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