Artist/Activist/Krip-Hop Nation Founder Leroy Moore's busy 2019 inc. African Disabled Musicians Summer Bay Area Festival in July

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A longtime subject of the Amoeblog as well as a frequent contributor to the Amoeba website blog dating back over a decade, the Berkeley based artist/activist Leroy F Moore Jr checks in with updates on the latest projects by the tireless founder of the Krip-Hop Nation. Just back from a tour of the East Coast, that included Krip-Hop Nation being invited to Crip-Comic Con at Syracuse University, Moore reports that the Krip-Hop Nation (the collective of worldwide disabled hip-hop artists he founded over a decade ago) is going strong, very strong. “[We’re] doing some real shit on an SSI budget,” he laughed. Back in February Leroy made history when Poor Press published the first ever Krip-Hop Nation Graphic Novel Vol. 1.

Semi-autobiographic the 1980’s set graphic novel tells the tale of “Little Leroy [who] has a physical disability and walks with a walker and always coming to a cypher in the Bronx from CT. by Greyhound but he is too scare to enter the cypher so the young Black brown teens aka artists used him to be a look out for police. Flash-forward to 2018’s Krip-Hop Superhero, Black teenager girl, Roxanne, who uses a wheelchair that unfolds into the elements of Hip-Hop every time she stops that attracts big crowds. Roxanne escapes police.

In addition to publishing is the esteemed Krip-Hop Nation record label/music producing part of the progressive organization. “In 2019 alone Krip-Hop Nation has put out two original first time CDs; including in March when we released Hell Y’all Ain’t Talmbout: A Krip-Hop Anthology of Women, Femmes, and Warriors.” For this unique hip-hop collection back in 2017 Leroy Moore invited Lisa Ganser to curate a Krip-Hop compilation CD of Women. 

Lisa in turn invited Vita E. Cleveland into the project, and together they crafted and curated the aforementioned Krip-Hop Nation executive produced compilation featuring the standout title track “Hell Y’all Ain’t Talmbout” by Vita E Cleveland.

Other artists featured on the compilation mixtape included  AJ420, Irkalla Lustre, Kimya Dawson, Chrysalisamidst, Rowan Katz, Sol Patches, Earth Rituals, Young Ant, Shazz Williams, Imani Atlantic, Vita E & Kat So Poetic, Be Steadwell, Collander, Fire Officer Donald and  Maya Songbird.

Gender Krip Planet

The other Krip-Hop Nation produced 2019 compilation, planned for an early July release, is Bridging The Gap: African Artists With & Without Disabilities. This upcoming release is scheduled to tie in with the Disabled African Musicians Summer Bay Area Festival 2019. Planned for the first two weeks of July around when disabled musicians from Zimbabwe, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa gather in NorCal, the upcoming event is described by Moore as; “The result of the past eight years and our 2016 South Africa tour where we interviewed Africans with disabilities/deaf artists in thirteen cities  Today Krip-Hop Nation has many artists/chapters in Africa.”

Also happening in July and the rest of the summer is the recently unveiled Krip-Hop Nation art exhibit at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital, Oakland. Open to the public the art was curated by Leroy Moore with him sharing artist bios from his children's book, and offering insight throughout the installation. Artists whose work appears includes Carina Lomeli and Ottis Smith. The exhibit is located on the 4th floor ramp and alcove, adjacent to the Hospital Schoolroom. Inpatient children, teens, and families can access the show 24/7 during their hospital stay.

Another landmark for Krip-Hop Nation this summer will be when Rob DA Noize Temple, will release a Krip-House  EP in July. As noted by Moore, "House music has a history of disabled musicians making it like Chicago 's own Paul Johnson and South Africa's one arm house artist Black Coffee. Now Krip-Hop Nation wants to put a spotlight on this reality by branding what Rob Da Noize Temple, a disabled musician including House and CO-Founder of Krip-Hop Nation calls Krip-House." To be entitled The House Opera #432, mastered and released on Temple's label, it will be financed on his SSD budget said Moore.

In addition to all of this three months ago at Le Pena Cultural Center in Berkeley Krip-Hop Nation produced a concert in which Moore says, “We coined the term GenderKrip Planet: an evening of performance celebrating the Krip-Hop mix tape release with rapper AJ420.” That was part of a night of, “Live performance event; music, poetry, skits, dancing, speaking to our ancestors and more of Disabled Women, Femmes and Warriors.” Other upcoming events will include Krip-Hop Nation joining creative forces with Looks Matoto and his company, LooksAbility. According to Moore together they are, “planning to do a book  that will be published in South Africa. We are also planning a joint venture coordinating an African Diaspora Disabled Artist Summit and out of this Summit we are hoping to have a disability festival aka The African Diaspora Disability Festival.” For more info visit the Krip-Hop Nation website.

Looks Matoto (Looks Ability, South Africa) Talks About Partnership with Krip-Hop Nation (2019)

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