New "What's In My Bag?" Episode with Waxwork Records Co-Founder Kevin Bergeron

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Kevin Bergeron - What's In My Bag? - Amoeba Music

We were pleased to sit down with Waxwork Records co-founder Kevin Bergeron at Amoeba Hollywood and check out his latest record finds. Since his label specializes in reissues of cult flicks, Bergeron couldn't help but recommend a couple of recent soundtracks, including the score to Good Time, by Oneohtrix Point Never. "I recently just found out about this composer," he told us. "I'm really impressed with people that can make an album like this...(and it's just one dude) because it's really, really good and really dynamic." It wasn't all soundtracks though for Bergeron, who had an eclectic collection of electronic, industrial, and punk records, making for a fun and educational What's In My Bag?

In 2013, Kevin Bergeron co-founded Waxwork Records with Suzy Soto. Fans of cult films and long-forgotten soundtracks, Bergeron and Soto launched the label to bring quality vinyl reissues of classic Waxwork Recordshorror scores as well as commercially unavailable, little-known finds to a loyal audience of collectors. The label's first release was the Re-Animator soundtrack; it set the template for the Waxwork Records approach, which involves giving each release the fancy reissue treatment, with recordings sourced from the original master tapes, liner notes from influential figures involved with the film, and new artwork from contemporary artists. 

In 2017, Bergeron and Soto created the publishing arm of the company, Waxwork Comics, to release original content in the form of comic books paired with an accompanying deluxe 7" vinyl record. Album releases range from the instantly-recognizable (The Exorcist) to modern fan favorites (The Babadook) to cult flicks (Tenebrae).

Bergeron was excited to find Kollaps by German experimental group Einstürzende Neubauten. "I wouldn't really call this early stuff of theirs musical," he warned, describing their music as a mixture of traditional rock instruments with industrial materials and power tools. Bergeron was also happy to pick up John Carpenter's Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998. "Who is cooler than John Carpenter?" he asked rhetorically, praising the director, composer and producer, as well as the album's label. "I love the record label that put this out; Sacred Bones is amazing." Also in Bergeron's bag: Swans' debut record ("this album is like, so heavy and so oppressive and so brutal), Killing Joke ("these guys blend punk with electronic music with tribal drumming"), and Survive ("heavy synth, electronic music"). 

But what was one of the best shows Kevin Bergeron has ever seen? And which record does he call "essential" for anyone into '90s punk? You'll have to watch the video to find out:

Kevin Bergeron - What's In My Bag?
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