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Amoeba New Vinyl Arrivals

#AmoebaCrateDigginInTheCrateInTheCrate  There's such a bounty of new vinyl releases to arrive into Amoeba Music over the past week, both brand new titles and reissues of older and out of print titles, that this Ameoblog just scratches the surface. Check here for all recently released vinyl titles in LP, 10",  7” and 12” and box-sets. Barry White The 20th Century Records Albums (1973-1979) [Box Set] (9LP) (Island/Def Jam) is one of the week’s new standout vinyl releases that encapsulates the prolific seventies back catalog of the iconic smooth soul singer who prematurely passed at age 58 back in 2003. Even better is the fact that Island/Def Jam have reissued this as both the nine LP box set (also a CD box set) and as nine individually reissued albums for those who may already have some of the albums in their collections.

These nine Barry White albums include the October 1973 release Stone Gon' LP that featured White’s huge 1974 hit “Never, Never Gonna Give You Up.” The other eight reissued White albums are I’ve Got So Much to Give LP (1973), Can’t Get Enough LP (1974), Just Another Way to Say I Love You LP (1975), Let the Music Play LP (1976), Is This Whatcha Wont? LP (1976), Barry White Sings for Someone You Love LP (1977), The Man LP (1978)  and I Love To Sing The Songs I Sing LP (1979).

Friday Records
have just re-released the late great David Bowie’s 2002 album Heathen in four different colored vinyl versions. The critically acclaimed twelve track LP, that features such Bowie penned songs as "Slip Away" and "Slow Burn" as well as covers of Neil Young's "I've Been Waiting For You" and The Legendary Stardust Cowboy's "I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship," has been reissued as Heathen gold vinyl LP, Heathen red & orange swirl vinyl LP, Heathen orange swirl vinyl LP,  and Heathen brown-white-gray swirl vinyl LP.  

have reissued on vinyl a handful of Bruce Springsteen albums over the past week that include 1995’s Ghost Of Tom Joad LP, 1993’s Bruce Springsteen In Concert/MTV Plugged 2LP set, 1992’s Lucky Town LP, and 1987’s Tunnel of Love 2LP set. The Grammy Award winning album (1988 Best Rock Vocal Performance, Solo) included the popular singles "Tunnel Of Love," "Brilliant Disguise," "One Step Up", "Tougher Than the Rest", and "Spare Parts."

Among the new titles on vinyl this week are Anna DeSilva & Phew’s Island 2LP  (Shouting Out Loud!), electronica act Anchorsong’s Cohesion LP  (Tru Thoughts Records), and hard-rocking, heavy metal creators Crafts Total Soul Rape LP (Season of Mist).

There’s justified buzz for the anticipated Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke produced original movie soundtrack Suspiria OST pink vinyl 2LP (via XL Recordings also on CD). The double album set is from the film that gets nationwide theater release this Friday,  November 2nd but opened in select theaters in  New York City and Los Angeles last Friday (same day as the album release).

Another new release this week is yet another 2018 album from the ever prolific Ty Segall. This tribute/covers collection by Segall, Fudge Sandwich in yellow vinyl LP format  (In The Red), follows such earlier 2018 releases by the hard-working artist as July's Joy LP (with White Fence) and January's Freedom's Goblin 2LP; both via Drag City.

Hip-hop vinyl releases this week include the brand new  Homeboy Sandman & Edan seven track album Humble Pi LP  via Stones Throw Records.

Then there's the reissue of West Coast legends Tha Alkaholiks second album Coast II Coast 2LP. European hip-hop friendly vinyl reissue curators are responsible for this repressing of the 1995 album from the Liks crew that features such contributors as Q-Tip and Xzibit. Hip-hop 7” releases this week include Blu & Exiles "Christmas Missed Us" picture disc 7” 45 single

Speaking of Christmas themed new 7" singles, also out this week is "Jingle Bells (Punk Rock Version)" / "Silent Night" 7" single by William Shatner, Henry Rollins and Iggy Pop via Cleopatra Records. For overview of all vinyl releases to arrive into Amoeba this past week click here and remember that all vinyl mail-order from Amoeba ships free in the USA.

"Jingle Bells (Punk Rock Version)" / "Silent Night" 7" - William Shatner, Henry Rollins + Iggy Pop

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