New Amoeba Storefront Enamel Pins + A Conversation with Rockin Pins

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Amoeba store enamel pins

Enamel pins continue to be a widely popular accessory these days and we offer a wide selection of pins, ranging from music and movies to pop culture and politics. But we're especially proud of these new enamel pins shaped like the exteriors of our stores, made exclusively for us by Rockin Pins! These super cute enamel pins are available in-store and online for $10 each or you can collect all three for just $20!

Get them here: Amoeba Hollywood pin | Amoeba San Francisco pin | Amoeba Berkeley pin | 3-Pin Bundle

We sat down with the guys from Rockin Pins -- graphic designer Jason Cryer and owner Mauricio Alvarado -- to chat with them a little bit about our new pins and their process.

What inspires you and how did you think to do the Amoeba store pins?

Jason: Our inspiration really springs from our love for music — it’s what brought Mauricio and I together as friends and fuels our work with Rockin Pins. I've been shopping at the Berkeley Amoeba for most of my life — I bought my first LPs there at 13 — so making pins for Amoeba was a no-brainer. The money I make from Rockin Pins usually goes directly into funding my record collection!

Mauricio: I wanted to commemorate the iconic Hollywood building with a pin. The store has brought so much joy to music fans all over the world.

What did you take into consideration when designing the Amoeba pins?

Jason: The biggest challenge with any pin is simplifying the design so it’ll work in the small format yet still be recognizable. I was inspired by vintage matchbook illustrations with the Amoeba pins to give them a slightly retro feel.

How easy or hard did you find it to create email pins based on the three stores?

Jason: The Amoeba buildings are full of iconic architectural features, neon, signage, murals – but these details don't all translate into a pin. I tried to focus on the most recognizable features of each location.

Black Sabbath enamel pin rockin pins

What other pins have you designed that you are proud of? 

Jason: Being able to create official pins for both Black Sabbath and David Bowie was so awesome — it's hard to top those.

Mauricio: Another designer from our team named Steve Dressler recently designed the full album cover for In The Court of The Crimson King. King Crimson is notoriously protective of their assets, so it was a dream come true getting to make those officially for them.

Are there any trends in enamel pins right now?

Jason: With the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love in 2017, I noticed a renewed interest in music of the '60s and psychedelic designs inspired by classic rock posters.

Mauricio: I’ve noticed that '90s nostalgia is back in a big way. A lot of people really love wearing internet memes for pins as well.

What is your background in design / enamel pins?

Jason: I’ve been a professional graphic designer for about a decade, based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Woodstock enamel pin rockin pinsWho primarily buys enamel pins?

Mauricio: Enamel pins have jumped in popularity these past couple years since pretty much everything has been made into one. If you’re a fan of sports, television, movies, memes, etc. there’s a pin for you.

What value do you see enamel pins bringing to a business like Amoeba?

Mauricio: I love being able to offer something new for music fans to collect. Amoeba is currently the only retailer to offer our wide variety of pins. Everything from Goth, Classic Rock, Prog Rock and beyond will be included. I’m currently looking into offering up music with the purchase of a pin, would be great to include a download of an album with them.

Mauricio, how did you get started with enamel pins and what inspired you?

Mauricio: I’ve been obsessed with '70s Progressive Rock and I was always disappointed that none of my favorite bands had any cool merchandise for me to wear. I jumped at the chance of being the first to create pins officially for many of these artists. I hope our pins inspire music fans to actively pursue and listen to many of the bands we are working with. It’s up to Rockin Pins to deliver some amazing designs and products to catch the attention of a potential fan!

Amoeba Store Enamel Pins Bundle