Rewind To Short-Lived Seventies Dutch Hit Making Duo Mouth & MacNeal

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Mouth & MacNeal's Absolutely The Best - like their Singles collection - contains the hits
including the Dutch duo's international 1972 smash  "How Do You Do"

For this Throwback Thursday we rewind to the first half of the seventies decade to the Netherlands to where and when the short lived (1971-1974) fun pop Dutch duo Mouth & MacNeal cranked out a series of international singalong hits. These hits by the duo comprised of Big Mouth (Willem Duyn) and Maggie MacNeal (Sjoukje van't Spijker) can be found on the retrospective collections Absolutely The Best and Mouth & MacNeal The Singles. Both of those collections, in addition to the old school Dutch pop / rock various artists compilation Dutch Treats, include Mouth & MacNeal’s biggest and best known hit; "How Do You Do.” That 1972 single is an example of a perfectly structured singalong pop song complete with the slowdown and build up to the hit’s chorus. "How Do You Do” first topped the duo’s national chart before going on to become an international hit both in Europe and the US where it became a top ten Billboard hit that same year. In fact ”How Do You Do” was such a huge hit for the duo that they were often unfairly written off as one-hit wonders.

While from a US perspective, where they would never repeat the success of “How Do You Do,” Mouth & MacNeal could understandably be considered one-hit wonders, back in Europe that was certainly not the case as proven by such other hits as "Hey You Love," "Hello-A" and “I See A Star.” That latter song was originally the Netherlands’ Eurovision Song Contest entrant in 1974 (it came in third place) before going on to become a UK top ten hit single. Among the many memorable other songs by the duo, who recorded in English as well as Dutch and German, were "Land Of Milk and Honey," “Medizinmann” (“Battering Ram”) and “You-Kou-La-Le-Le-Loupi.” Below are videos for some of these and other Mouth & MacNeal tracks. Even though many of the videos below are TV lip-synced renditions, they still manage to convey the musical pair’s festive singalong, beer drinking vibe. In fact it appears in the first video (TV studio version of “How Do You Do”) everyone in the studio (except for the kids) appear to have had a few beers.

Mouth & MacNeal “How Do You Do”

Mouth & MacNeal “Hello”

Mouth & MacNeal “Ein goldner Stern” (“I See A Star”) [music starts at 1:00]

Mouth and MacNeal “Hey You Love”

Mouth & MacNeal “You-Kou-La-Le-Le-Loupi”

Mouth & MacNeal “Medizinmann” (“Battering Ram”)

Mouth & MacNeal in Spain - Sing Along == 8 9 10 ——————

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