New "What's In My Bag?" Episode with Jason Mantzoukas

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Jason Mantzoukas What's In My Bag? Amoeba Music

We could barely keep up with actor & comedian Jason Mantzoukas on his recent visit to Amoeba Hollywood! He went digging through the bins, finding all sorts of records and films that have special meaning to him, waxing poetic in his own humorous way, and even giving post production directions to our video editor. The result is one of the most epic and entertaining What's In My Bag? episodes we've had the pleasure of producing.

How Did This Get MadeJason Mantzoukas began his career performing on a house team at the New York Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and he still regularly appears in the weekly Soundtrack show, where he and his teammates base their work off audience members' iPod playlists. Along with Paul Scheer and June Diane Raphael, he hosts the popular How Did This Get Made? podcast. Before his comedy career launched, he studied musicology in the Middle East as a Watson Fellow.

As an actor, Mantzoukas is instantly recognizable. He has appeared as Dennis Feinstein on Parks and Recreation, as Adrian Pimento on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and as Derek Hoffstetler on The Good Place. He plays the character of Rafi in the FX comedy series The League. Other notable credits include appearances in Sacha Baron Cohen‎'s The Dictator, The Kroll Show, Modern Familyand Broad City. He can be heard as the voice of the threatening, slimy Mr. Mucus in Mucinex commercials.

Mantzoukas could barely fit all of his picks in his shopping bag, making for one of our most extensive interviews yet. He grabbed many old favorites like The Meters' Look-Ka Py Py, calling it a "top ten record of all time," as well as Gal Costa's India, who he describes as having "one of the true angelic voices of tropicalia." A nostalgic pick for the comdian was Van Morrison's Moondance. "This is one of my mom's favorite records. I have a deep fondness for Van Morrison's voice as a result," he told us. A more contemporary choice was Rick and Morty Season 2 on blu-ray, which he called, "the best comedy on television currently; period end of story." A more obscure pick for Mantzoutkas was a South African 12" by the Tshetsha Boys. "This is one of those things that the internet facilitated," he told us before describing watching videos online of clown-masked people doing "incredibly elaborate, crazy dances" to the group's music. 

But that's only a small bit of Jason Mantzoukas' incredibly eclectic assortment of records and movies. Check out the full video below: 

Jason Mantzoukas - What's In My Bag?
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