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Sometimes it takes a special moment to change your perception of a song you've never paid much attention to. In our new What's In My Bag? episode with the shoegaze legends Ride, bassist Steve Queralt recounted listening to music with Erol Alkan, the producer of their latest record, Weather Diaries. "One evening he decided to play 'Eagle' by ABBA, and cranked up the volume," Queralt told us, "and it just made you realize just how great ABBA are." The Oxford native grabbed ABBA: The Album, which features "Eagle" by the Swedish pop quartet, and explained, "now everyone kind of laughs at ABBA, but we all grew up with ABBA when we were kids. It's what my mum was playing all the time, so it's difficult to not like (them)."

English rock band Ride was formed in Oxford by longtime school friends Andy Bell and Mark Gardener, their college classmate Laurence Colbert, and Steve Queralt, the singles buyer at their local Our Price Ride Weather Diariesrecord shop. Inspired by loud art rock bands like My Bloody Valentine, The House of Love, The Stone Roses, and Sonic Youth, Ride became synonymous with the nascent shoegaze scene, although they tried to avoid any sort of label. The band made their live debut in 1988 at a holiday party hosted by North Oxfordshire College, where Bell, Gardener, and Colbert attended school. After Jim Reid of The Jesus and Mary Chain heard a track from their demo, the band piqued the interest of former JAMC manager Alan McGee, who signed Ride to his Creation Records label after they toured alongside The Soup Dragons in 1989.

The band released three EPs in 1990 -- Ride, Play, and Fall -- all of which placed in the UK chart's Top 75, which put Creation Records (and of course, the band) on the map. The first two EPs were released as Smile in the US; Fall was incorporated into their first LP, Nowhere, in fall of that year. The band gained further acclaim through an appearance on John Peel's show. Their sophomore LP, Going Blank Again, landed in 1992 and Carnival of Light followed in 1994. By then the stress of constant touring was beginning to appear in the way the band interacted with one another and they split while recording Tarantula (1996). In 2001, the former bandmates agreed to be interviewed for a documentary on Sonic Youth. They recorded new music, attracting major interest from fans, but didn't fully reunite until a 2015 appearance at Coachella. In 2017, Ride released their first new album in twenty-one years, Weather Diaries, and celebrated with a lengthy North American and European tour.

The bandmates compliled quite a healthy stack of records between the two of them, including Revolutionaries Sounds Vol. 2, featuring the drum and bass duo Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, who Steve Queralt says is "one of the reasons I picked up bass guitar in the first place." He goes on to describe Robbie as "a great, kind of, precision bass player; always so in time." Andy Bell was happy to find the latest Mac DeMarco LP, This Old Dog, telling us he's a "big fan of Mac DeMarco." Another new release that piqued Queralt's interest was by Danish black metal artist Myrkur. "I bought the last album and thought it was amazing," Queralt said. "For me she was doing true shoegaze music." Bell choose a classic Depeche Mode record and shared that although he wasn't a big fan, a respected colleague praised Violator very highly. "Alan Moulder, who mixed our album, told us that he thought that was the best mixed record ever made."

But which record did Steve Queralt put on his top ten list of 2017? And which graphic novel did Andy Bell recently get hipped to? You'll have to watch the video to find out:

Ride - What's In My Bag?
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