New "What's In My Bag?" Episode with Eddie Richards and Steve Bug

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Eddie Richards and Steve Bug Amoeba Music What's In My Bag?

Influential house music DJs Steve Bug and Eddie Richards teamed up for an Othersound event in Los Angeles recently and, luckily for us, also stopped into Amoeba Hollywood for a What's In My Bag? video. The two mused over records that shaped their musical tastes and discussed how the DJ scene has changed over the years. "Nowadays everyone's just staring at the DJ, instead of listening to the music and getting into it," Bug lamented after finding a 12" single that reminded him of his first club experience in the late '80s. "At the time it was normal that people would dance facing each other," he continued. Richards shared the same sentiment, saying, "I'd prefer, actually, to be out of the way and for people to face one another." Between their stories and commentaries the two made for an interesting and educational interview.

British DJ Richards has been active in the dance scene since the 1980s and is sometimes referred to as the "godfather of house." At times going under the monikers Evil Eddie, Jolly Roger, and Kode, Richards became a prominent mover-and-shaker thanks to a residency at Camden Palace in London. He went on to perform at legendary events at Clink Street, Heaven, and Manchester's Hacienda. "Acid Man," released in 1988 under his Jolly Roger alias, reached number 23 in the UK charts and has become a club classic. He has released work via End Recordings, Hypervinyl, Matter/Form, SoCo Audio, Northern Lights, LHB, and through his own labels Lunar Tunes, dy-na-mix, and Storm. He spins regularly at London clubs Wiggle and Fabric.

Germany's Steve Bug was influenced early on by acid house and techno, eventually going on to create his own unique hybrid of deep house, acid, and minimal techno. Bug founded his own label, Raw Elements, attracting an eager fanbase through the release of his debut LP Volksworld. In the late '90s his sound moved into darker, funker territory with the establishment of the Poker Flat Recordings label and the release of his classic "Loverboy." His sound continued to evolve with the formation of two new labels, Dessous and Audiomatique. His reputation as a dependably excellent DJ has flourished thanks to hugely popular gigs in Paris, Amsterdam, London, Tokyo, Berlin, and at Miami's Winter Music Conference.

Eddie Richards started off this episode with a 12" by Dominatrix and recounted how first heard them on a visit to New York's legendary Paradise Garage. "Run DMC played live," he recounted, "and Dominatrix, they were doing a set, and it really blew me away. I never heard anything quite like that." Another record that reminded Richards of that trip was Go Bang! #5 by the Arthur Russell-produced disco group Dinosaur L. "This is my favorite label just because it was so quirky," he told us. "When I first came to New York, I just knocked on their door," he continued, "and they were so blown away that someone from London had come to see them. They just gave me a whole pile of their music!"

Steve Bug began his selections on the rock side of things with The Cure's Three Imaginary Boys, citing the band as his biggest influence musically. He also picked up 60 Years Of Music, the recent collection of music by legendary film composer Ennio Morricone re-recorded with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. "Without his music a lot of movies wouldn't have been the same," said Bug of Morricone, who created the iconic "spaghetti western" sound of films like The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and Once Upon a Time In the West.

But which important "new romantic" club did Eddie Richards spin records for? And which record did Steve Bug listen to on his 20 hour bus ride to a ski resort town? You'll have to watch the video to find out!

Eddie Richards and Steve Bug - What's In My Bag?
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