Trizz's New Album is a “Dark, Street Horror Flick On Tape”

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Trizz, Ashes n DustBy doubleay

Trizz hails from Los Angeles and Inland Empire, but he doesn’t believe everybody listening knows that. Trizz has developed a uniquely dedicated audience with fans scattered internationally, yet the he feels the misconception about where he’s coming from is all too common. The circulation of his music has transcended geographical bounds, but Trizz is making his origin the emphasis on his upcoming album, Ashes N Dust.

I spoke with Trizz about why he’s so motivated to make his roots clear and how he’s going to project his personal experiences for listeners with the new album.

You’ve got Ashes N Dust dropping December 15th. You’ve got G Perico on there, Robb $tone, and it’s entirely produced by AC3 Beats. Your last solo project dropped in 2016. What’s been motivating you musically since the last release?
Basically, just the way the industry has changed so much. I’ve noticed that I have to basically pump out singles every other two weeks to keep up with, you know, what’s going on because I want to stay relevant. I didn’t want to drop full-length albums so what I focused on was videos and singles. This year I dropped 13 videos. That included features I was on and, you know, building my brand and my marketing, you know what I’m saying? All building up to this moment to drop my album so I’m building a major platform.

Yeah, whether we’re here for it or not, this is the rate the industry is moving at currently and everybody is racing to keep up. You either have to adjust or you're in the dust.
Yeah, for me man, I’m trying to adjust but not change myself because of this game, while still going major with it.

I feel like output has always been pretty a natural thing between you and Chuuwee. Between solo and group endeavors, you have multiple approaches and are bouncing off each other. I’ve felt you guys have always had a solid output, you're just being more efficient and productive with it. What can we expect to hear with this new project?
Basically, the project is a dark, street horror flick on tape, which to me, it is where I come from, it is Inland Empire and Los Angeles, California on tape. It’s like Inland Empire after dark, you know what I mean? I come from the city and the suburbs, but the majority of my life I spent in the suburbs. And a lot of times people take what they hear in the media and what they’ve heard and seen in the past, and think the suburbs is all peaches and cream and Disneyland. But when I moved from LA, I seen more shit here than I did in LA. So basically the album is summing up everything I’ve been through and everything I’ve seen through the eyes of who I am. And I’ve described this in very horrific detail, while still keeping that mellow feel, that hip-hop vibe. It's still something you can ride and bounce too, but its going to bring an eerie vibe.

The visuals you have out right now, “Lie Down” and “Slide N’ Skate,” have that feel -- the grey tones, the dark settings -- they visually convey that sound you’ve described. Have you ever seen David Lynch’s movie Inland Empire? It’s some dark and trippy shit.
Nah, I haven't.

He’s the bruh that does Twin Peaks. I didn’t really know the area and the first time I saw it I was like, “What? That's not just a David Lynch movie.”
Ah man, [laughs] I had no idea bro. I'ma have to look into that.

You’ve got Robb $tone on the project, G Perico, and a couple others. Everyone on the project is from your area right?
Yeah and that was another thing. If you’ve heard of my music before, I’ve heavily associated with Strange Music and Tech N9ne, Brotha Lynch Hung, and the whole hardcore sound. Brotha Lynch was the one who found me, but I had to let motherf*ckers know that I’m from the West Coast, I’m from LA. So many people thought I was from the Midwest. Motherf*ckers thought I was from Sacramento sometimes. I wanted people to understand my fan base goes beyond horrorcore, underground, or juggalos or whatever may have you. My fan base is way bigger than that and with this album I wanted motherf*ckers to know that. None of the features are paid for. Thems is my homies. G Perico is the homie, Robb $tone is the homie. These is n*ggas I f*ck with on the regular. Ive never paid for a feature a day in my life. I wanted motherf*ckers to know that. My work is authentic…

Your music has transcended geographical bounds in a sense. You’re always talking about international fans. So seeing this album, I thought, ‘damn, this really is the first time he has brought back to where he’s from.' The sound reflects that too. Tell us more about AC3 Beats, who’s executive producer and shaping the sound of the album. His keys are crazy.
Yeah man, the thing with AC3 Beats is, he is so original. The whole album got no samples on it, I think. I think the joint with Rob $tone might have a sample, but I don't know. I don't know too much about it, but AC3 is really an originator. He’s like that, makes his own sounds. He's crazy you know? West Coast, G-funk, that’s his thing. The first song we ever did was “Sleepless in California” with my boy Rocksteady. This is like back in 2011 and ever since then our chemistry was so on point, like we like the same artists. He like Pac, I like Pac, he like Tha Eastsidaz, I like Tha Eastsidaz, he like Snoop, I like Snoop. I mean, it's like our chemistry is so fucking on point, it's ridiculous he's just the producer and I’m the lyricist. You know?

As someone who’s widely known for your works in a duo, do you feel like you need to go about your solo projects differently because of your association with this duo?
Not so much because Chuuwee had a tremendous career before he met me and I was just coming up, you know what I mean? Him doing me that favor, doing a verse for me in 2012, for me that was him doing me a favor. He was bigger than me. And ever since we started working together, I mean like you said, you probably found out about me, I don’t know how you found out about me, but it was probably through Amerikka’s Most Blunted (2014). So a lot of my fans, you know what I mean, are just fans of Trizz and Chuuwee. So you know at some degree I do feel at times I have to be, ‘oh this is my solo project.’ But I really don’t necessarily have to do that because, you know, me and Chuuwee respect each other’s craft. When he’s doing his thing, he do his thing and I when I do my thing, I do my thing and he know he can call me for whatever. He’s my bro and I could do the same for him. So it really don’t change how I approach, promote, or prepare for it, other than the slight bit of fans knowing us as a group.

You guys really only started working together in 2012?
Yeah, I’ve really only known Chuuwee for five years.

Damn, that's crazy. In 2012 and 2013, I knew plenty of people on your shit. It was always Chuuwee and Trizz, that’s what I was predisposed to. Damn 2012.
If you heard about our shit in 2012-13, you are a fucking originator n*gga. You know ‘bout our shit for real, because that’s when we met.

I was coming out of Sacramento. They were on you guys quick. Mentally, does your musical mindset change when you approach a solo? On Ashes N Dust, you’re really projecting your view, outwardly. Do you feel you’re being more transparent rather than just f*cking rapping?
Yeah, it's definitely more transparent. It's definitely more transparent being that...OK, like when me and Chuuwee work together, I ain’t gon’ lie, it’s a lot easier because not only do I have help, but we bounce ideas off each other. Basically this is how Chuuwee and I write. We get a collection of beats, we go through the beats, we pick the best ones, and then go, ‘OK, we gon’ finish these three today.’ ‘Cause me and Chuuwee dawg, we can finish three songs in two hours. We don't take an hour to write a verse. Collectively we take all of 45 minutes to finish a verse. So I be like, ‘what you got first?’ Whoever has the first verse, that's the concept we go with. It’s like, whoever beats it to the punch and it flows from there.

So when I'm working by myself, it’s a little more challenging. First of all, with this project I wanted to stay on track and sometimes you may want to stay on track, but another song you recorded sound so good that you want to put it on the album but you don't want to fuck up the flow of the album. I mean that's how I do it because I want my shit to sound right. But, you know what I mean, doing a solo project, it don't really change my mindset that much, but the only thing is I don't have help. But Ashes N Dust so authentic, everything I'm saying on this album is real. Its hard for a n*gga that's fronting. When a n*gga is fronting it’s harder, but everything I’m talking bout is for real. The only thing harder is I don't have another person bouncing ideas with me. Other than that, its a pretty smooth ride with the solo shit.

You’ve got the G Perico record out right now, the video for “Lie Down,” and you’re teasing the next one. Should we expect any other drops before the album?
I've got three singles out, I’m about to drop a video for “Slide N’ Skate,” and then eventually drop the video for “The Backstreet” with G Perico.

Anything else on your mind as we wrap this up?
I just hope folks will go get that album when it’s out. This is like my major. I feel like this is like my, like my Illmatic, man. I want motherf*ckers to tap in. It sucks Eminem is dropping on the same day. That's whack as fuck. And Boosie too, so I'm 'a really need motherf*ckers to go in. And shout out to Double Ay.

Thank you, bro. I'm sure everybody is going to see all three projects out there and be hyped to be streaming them in rotation, they're gonna be tweeting out, 'I got enough fire music for months,' but yeah lets go sell some CDs.

Ashes N Dust is in stores December 15th via Below System Records.

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