Amoeba SF Acquires Unique Collection of 1970s Experimental & Art Music LPs

Posted by The Bay Area Crew, August 30, 2017 07:01pm | Post a Comment

We at Amoeba SF recently acquired a unique collection of 1970s Experimental and Art music, all on vinyl! Joan la BarbaraThis collection spans across the genres of Minimalism, Musique Concrete, post-Ornette Jazz, Tape Music, Spoken Sound Art, early Electronic, and more, and are all in excellent condition. These records will be made available for sale on Saturday, September 9th at Amoeba SF. Head to our stage (in the northwest corner of the store) to browse these gems. There will be staff on hand to help you view bagged items and to bring your choices to the cashiers. You must be in the store to purchase items for this one-day event. We won't be taking phone orders and we won't be putting these items on hold.

Some of the artists who are heavily represented in this collection:
Terry Riley (10 LPs)
Cecil Taylor (40 LPs!)
John Cage (15)
Steve Reich (15)
Anthony Braxton (25)
Philip Glass (many)
Art Ensemble of Chicago (20, PLUS numerous by its individual members)
Julius Hemphill (10)

Plus, there many rare and import recordings by David Murray, Leo Smith, Frank Lowe, Alvin Lucier, Meredith Monk, Henry Cow/Slapp Happy/Art Bears, Joan LaBarbara, Robert Ashley, Jon Gibson, Gordon Mumma, and more!

Of particular note, there are VERY RARE recordings by Joseph Beuys & Henning Christiansen, Charlemagne Palestine, LaMonte Young, Le Forte Four, and Allen Kaprow, just to name a few.

David Behrman

John Cage

Allan Kaprow

Beuy / Christiansen

Revolutionary Ensemble

Joseph Jarman

George Lewis Solo Trombone

Braxton & Bailey

Charles Palestine

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