Ladies and Gentlemen...The Revolution.

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The Revolution

By Brent James

The Revolution recently had a two-night engagement at the historic Fillmore Auditorium in San The RevolutionFrancisco on July 11th and 12th, and we had the absolute pleasure of attending not one but both sold-out shows! Featuring the original lineup of Wendy Melvoin on guitar, Lisa Coleman and “Dr.” Matt Fink on keys, BrownMark on bass, and Bobby Z on drums, Prince’s former band tore through two hours of memories with precision and finesse.


“Yes, Lisa…”

“Computer Blue” kicks off the set with an ocean blue wash over the transfixed capacity crowd. The band stays true to the original but owned it and the other songs as well, with an updated yet familiar sound of a band that’s been playing together on and off for over 30 years. “America” came next, more relevant now than ever. We’re reminded that Prince saw our future in 1985.

By the time “Mountains” rolls into the set, you find yourself in awe of the fact that you’re watching the band that wrote and recorded these gems in person. Many people are here tonight to heal, some are here out of curiosity. One thing is for sure and widely understood: the Purple Family runs deep and all are welcome. Yes, we’re here to celebrate Prince and His legacy, but this band is holding their own and without a doubt making Him proud.

Mint Condition frontman Stokely is on hand as a special guest to lead the band through classics suchThe Revolution as “Let’s Work” and “Uptown.” He is a great hype-man in charge of an emotional rollercoaster. During “Sometimes It Snows In April,” you can hear sobbing from men and women alike, and “Paisley Park” becomes a sludgy psychedelic extension from the original. Relying heavily on crowd participation, one can almost hear Prince singing along as well. It's a very spiritual experience, and the energy bouncing off everyone in the crowd is something that needs to be witnessed for it to be fully understood. “Controversy,” “Delirious,” and even “When Doves Cry” are all represented with amazing accuracy and intense devotion to detail.

“Let’s Go Crazy” introduces the third act of the show and easily could be the climax as it is so explosive. They round the night out with, of course, “Purple Rain,” and the one-two punch of “I Would Die 4 U” and “Baby I’m A Star” as encores.

“Cathartic” doesn’t even begin to describe the impression this show left on me, and I think several other die-hard Prince (and The Revolution) lovers would agree that while we may never fully get over the loss of Prince, gatherings of love like this prove His teachings didn’t go by the wayside. There are ways of still having Him around.

Personally, I hope The Revolution remains an active band. Everyone has “grown up” in their own ways, but the love and dedication on their faces as they presented their art was timeless.

I would think The Revolution hopes they remain an active band as well.


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