Sake One's "The Art of Storytellin" - OutKast / Dungeon Family Themed Traveling Club [May 12 @ The Echo in LA with Mr. Choc & Ms Jck]

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Amoeblog: So how did the idea for your OutKast/ Dungeon Family themed The Art of Storytellin' traveling club series come about and did you consider it a risk to focus solely on one group and their extended musical collective?

Sake One: I used to throw a party in San Francisco called Pacific Standard Time. The focus at those parties was new, cutting edge dance music. But on occasion we would curate "tribute" nights. I would try to focus on less obvious artists and try to shine light on artists who, at that time, had amassed a large and influential body of work but perhaps weren't thought of as legendary acts: Chaka Khan, Raphael Saadiq, Earth Wind & Fire, and yes OutKast. The crowd response on OutKast night was incredible with people screaming lyrics and multiple people thanking me and telling me how much OutKast and their music meant to them. I have always been a huge OutKast fan, but doing those tribute nights in 2004 and 2005 planted a seed in my head for a larger, more detailed OutKast night.  Due to the response I have always noticed when I spin OutKast and Dungeon Family artists at parties, I was always pretty confident that this party would be successful because OutKast always made songs that slap in the club.

Amoeblog:  I heard you were in NYC DJ'ing part of this traveleing series recently. How was the response to that stop and the other Art of Storytellin' parties you've thrown?

Sake One: The first Art of Storytellin' event was in Oakland, and other markets began to inquire. Right now we are doing it in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and NYC annually. Hoping to do it in Atlanta some day! Thankfully most of the events have sold out and, more importantly, each have been packed with supreme vibes. I credit OutKast and their body of work for this!

Amoeblog: In your opinion what exactly makes OutKast such a unique musical act?

Sake One: OutKast was aware of what made them unique and special, and talked openly about it, which is somewhat uncommon for a pop act. OutKast represented a duality ("AqueMini") combining a street mentality with a "woke" or conscious mentality explicitly and deeper dualities like male/female, New York hip-hop / Atlanta soul, color/sound and others implicitly. And in rap music, it can never be overstated that both members of OutKast are Hall-of-Fame level emcees.

OutKast "Da Art Of Storytellin' (Part 1)" from  Aquemini (1998) - the song that inspired the title of DJ Sake One's traveling club party series The Art Of Storytellin' and was introduced to many younger generation hip-hop fans via its sampling by J. Cole on "Land of The Snakes" off 2013's Born Sinner

Sake One's Top 5 OutKast Featured Songs

1. "Dez Only 1" Witchdoctor feat OutKast from A S.W.A.T Healin' Ritual  (Interscope, 1998)

2. "West Savannah" OutKast from Aquemini (also avail on LP/vinyl) (La Face, 1998)

3. "Black Ice" Goodie MOB feat. OutKast from Still Standing (La Face, 1998)

4. "Bombs Over Baghdad" [aka "B.O.B."] OutKast from Stankonia (also avail on LP/vinyl) (La Face, 2000)

5. "Aquemini" OutKast from Aquemini (also avail on LP/vinyl) (La Face, 1998)

Amoeblog: And how about the qualities of the Dungeon Family overall, with all the great artists that have been associated with the collective? How do you sum up their legacy?

Sake One: OutKast and Dungeon Family are responsible for relocating rap music's capital from NYC to Atlanta, where it now resides. The recipe for this huge transformation in hip-hop and urban music is as follows: increased usage of live instrumentation and decreased usage of samples in production (Organized Noize): less emphasis on divisions between urban music forms like rap and RnB, lyrics that focused on painting a visual picture for the listener rather than awe the listener with lyrical wordplay. These are some of the key hallmarks of the DF/ONP/OutKast sound.

Amoeblog: I saw on one of your posts about the Storytellin' parties been geared for "grown folk" who still like to dance and party, or something along those lines. Would you care to expand on that topic as I've heard many express the view that there is a vacuum in clubs these days whereby DJs tend to play just all new stuff and ignore most earlier eras?

Sake One: OutKast as a group hasn't released any new music in almost ten years. Their creative and commercial apex was around 2001-2003. Hence most hardcore OutKast fans are at least in their late 20s or early 30s. And many, like myself, are even older than that. Unlike an average nightclub experience, where someone who is in their early 30s will feel old and perhaps out of place, Art of Storytellin parties are usually full of people who came to dance to OutKast, not people who came to the club to drink and talk to girls/boys.

Amoeblog: What involvement do the other two DJs (Mr. Choc of The Beat Junkies and Ms Jck) who join you at this weekend's party in LA have in the overall series?  And before this Echo gig in LA tomorrow night will you guys all compare notes to ensure you don't play the same songs or are there so many that that scenario is unlikely?

Sake One: Each market we do the party in has different DJs who help curate music. I tend to use different DJs every time because it's important that the night be about OutKast and their music, not about the DJs. That being said, Mr Choc has spun at each Art Of Storytellin' in LA, so this will be the third time he has spun at Art Of Storytellin' L.A. (AOSLA). The OutKast /Dungeon Family catalog is really large and in fact with Organized Noize dropping a new EP this week it continues to grow, unlike many other tribute-based parties. Playing a song twice isn't something that usually happens.

Amoeblog: You mentioned your Top 5 OutKast songs earlier, stressing how it is hard to chose just five and how that list might change from week to week. But then there is the ever-talented extended  Dungeon Family that includes such artists as Killer Mike, Erykah Badu, Cee-Lo Green, and Future. Do you want to list your top five Dungeon Family artists or songs?

Sake One:  I will just mention five phenomenal Dungeon Family artists that, in my opinion, deserve a lot more shine. These are Cherokee, Cool Breeze, Society of Soul, Joi, and Goodie MOB.


 The Art Of Storytellin' featuring DJs Sake One,  Mr. Choc, and Ms Jck will take place on Friday, May 12th 2017 at The Echo located at 1822 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles. 9pm. $10 - $15 Advance tickets

OutKast "Ms. Jackson" from Stankonia (also avail on LP/vinyl) (La Face, 2000)

OutKast "Hey Ya!" from Speakerboxxx/The Love Below (also on vinyl/LP) (Arista, 2003)

OutKast "So Fresh, So Clean" from Stankonia (also avail on LP/vinyl) (La Face, 2000)

OutKast "B.O.B."  aka "Bombs Over Baghdad"   from Stankonia (also avail on LP/vinyl) (La Face, 2000)

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