Nick Cave Supports Development of New ‘Kurdiji 1.0’ App To Battle High Suicide Rates Among Australia's Indigenous Communities

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Longtime Australian musician, author, and sometime actor Nick Cave has put his support behind the development of a compassionate new app designed to tackle Australia's ridiculously high suicide rate among its indigenous communities. Recent Australian social studies report that Aborigines, especially males in their teens and early twenties, are 400% more likely to commit suicide than that of their non-indigenous peers. In fact it has been reported that the young indigenous men of Australia are more likely to commit suicide than any other group worldwide. Those statistic translate into the sobering reality that currently every week in Australia an average of three aboriginal people die as a result of suicide. Longtime Australian artist Cave, who originally came to international fame via the critically acclaimed, influential post punk band The Birthday Party before in 1983 forming the long running Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, has thrown himself 100% behind the new Kurdiji 1.0 suicide prevention app, by endorsing the recently set up Go Fund Me campaign to finalize its development and launch. 

“With Aboriginal people committing suicide on an unprecedented scale, a group of elders are creating a suicide prevention app based on ceremony, story and law,” stated Cave in a press statement, further encouraging Australians and non Australians to get involved in, “fighting for the lives of young Aboriginal people and let’s show Aboriginal Australia we believe in them.”
The new app is named “Kurdiji" which translated from the Warlpiri language means "shield" as in shielding community members from such negatives as suicide. When launched it will reportedly use 3D in showing visuals of traditional dance, music and ceremony as a means of reaching the targeted demographic of young indigenous people of Australia who feel disenfranchised and isolated by mainstream Australian society.

The Go Fund Me page for the new app claims that, “By reconnecting people with language, skin name, ceremony and law, this app will increase resilience by creating a sense of belonging.”  The app idea came about from elders of the Warlpiri peoples, the indigenous group numbering approx 6000 people and concentrated primarily in Australia's Northern Territory, who are concerned at the shockingly high suicide rates statistics of the younger members of their already dwindling population. The loss of a young son is something that Cave has sadly faced firsthand. Two summers ago, not far from the family's Brighton home, his 15 year old son Arthur, high on LSD and totally disoriented, fell to his death off a 60' cliff. On last year's Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' album Skeleton Tree (also avail on LP/vinyl) the artist channeled his deep emotions surrounding this life-altering tragedy.  Cave also addressed it in the 2016 documentary One More Time With Feeling made about the making of the album.

Cave has not lived in Australia since 1980 when he and The Birthday Party relocated from Melbourne Australia to London, England, but he has consistently stayed in touch with his native land. Cave's endorsement of the new anti-suicide app is just the latest act to win him high praise in his native land. A few months ago he was officially praised for being, "a major contributor to Australian music culture and heritage” in a ceremony that awarded him an Australian Badge of Honour. At that January 26th 2017 ceremony during the annual Australian Day honours roll, the internationally revered artist was lauded for his,  “distinguished service of a high degree to Australia or humanity at large.” 

Visit the GoFundMe page for Kurdiji 1.0 which is approx $53K toward its $280K goal. For music by the prolific artist visit the Amoeba store page for NIck Cave where you  will find his many movie soundtrack recordings including the recent OST for Mars (released on vinyl/LP a couple of weeks ago) by Cave with longtime musical partner Warren Ellis. or last years Hell Or High Water, also recorded with Ellis. Also visit the Grinderman page, and of course The Birthday Party page (the group originally named The Boys Next Door). For the most titles by the artist visit Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds page where you find such titles as From Her To Eternity (also avail on LP/vinyl). Also among the many releases are the four variations of the upcoming career retrospective collection via BMG/Mute that can be pre-ordered before Friday, May 5th's release date this week. These include the book.DVD, and 3 CD package Lovely Creatures: The Best Of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (1984-2014) [Super Deluxe Edition], (also on LP/vinyl version), the 3 CDs and DVD (no book) package  Lovely CreaturesThe Best of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds-1984-2014 Deluxe-Edition], and the 2CD collection Lovely Creatures: The Best Of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (1984-2014).

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