New 'What's In My Bag?' Episode with Melvins

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Melvins What's In My Bag? episode at Amoeba Hollywood

We are incredibly stoked to share our 500th "What's In My Bag?" episode featuring the legendary Melvins!! Buzz Osborne, Dale Crover, and Steven McDonald recently visited us at Amoeba Hollywood to debate which is the best Rolling Stones record, talk about being influenced by The Runaways, and pick up albums by new artists The Lemon Twigs and Savoy Motel.

The Melvins formed in Montesano, WA in 1983, taking their name from a much-maligned supervisor at the Thriftway store where vocalist and guitarist Buzz Osborne worked as a clerk. As Melvins, he and drummer Dale Crover would go on to become underground legends, influencing the development of grunge, doom, and sludge. The band's 1986 debut EP, Six Songs (aka Melvins) was released as a vinyl 7". Their first studio full-length LP, Gluey Porch Treatments, was released in 1987 via Alchemy Records. With deep ties to the nascent grunge scene, Crover played drums on a Nirvana demo that would later become part of their Bleach LP.

Melvins Basses LoadedThe band's sound continued to evolve, growing slower and more drone-heavy with the release of 1990's Bullhead. The success of Nirvana led to Melvins signing to Atlantic; their first LP for the label, Houdini, arrived in 1993. Things got more experimental with 1994's Stoner Witch, and the band releasing their follow up, Prick, on Amphetamine Reptile. In 1996, Melvins released their final LP for Atlantic, Stag, and moved over to AmRep for their '97 release, Honky. The band continued to branch out, turning to samplers and synthesizers for their 2001 LP Colossus of Destiny, and collaborating on releases with Lustmord and Jello Biafra. Melvins were joined by members of the band Big Business, touring together and releasing the LP (A) Senile Animal. In 2012, a version of the band deemed Melvins Lite performed for fifty-one straight nights, with every show in a different state (plus Washington, DC). In 2016, the band released two LPS, Basses Loaded and Three Men and a Baby, a collaboration with godheadSilo's Mike Kunka that was originally begun in 1999, shelved, and recently completed. This summer, Melvins will release their first ever double album, A Walk with Love and Death, via Ipecac.  

So which film does Buzz consider the greatest movie ever made? And who is Dale Crover's drumming hero? Watch the full episode below to find out:

Melvins - What's In My Bag?
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Want even more of Steve McDonald's picks? Watch his 2013 episode with his brother Jeff as Redd Kross:

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