Happy Mother's Day: Serial Mom on Blu-ray!

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Serial Mom

By Brent James

Just in time for Mother’s Day, John Waters’ 1994 wistful tale of a suburban supermom turned mass Serial Mom Blu-raymurderer, Serial Mom, is hitting the shelves May 9th in all of its remastered Blu-ray glory! Don't want to wait until then? Pre-order it now on (and it'll ship to U.S. addresses for free).

Although not the trashiest of Waters’ films, Serial Mom takes the dark comedy route and steers it in all the filthy right places. We see Beverly Sutphin (portrayed by the ever amazing Kathleen Turner) send her kids off to school, with packed lunches and all, and then promptly march upstairs to conduct a series of obscene phone calls to her next-door neighbor -- all because she was cut off in the parking lot of Joann Fabrics.

It’s this immediate brilliance that sucks us into Beverly’s world. You see, she doesn’t pick her victims at random but rather targets the people that have caused her or her family grief. Selectively killing for not rewinding video tapes (it WAS ‘94 after all), or wearing white after Labor Day. In her eyes, she’s a superhero. It’s the ultimate love of a mother, only one that has crossed the lines that most of us never even step to. We think about it, but we don’t do it. Beverly Sutphin does it.

Originally considered a box office “bomb,” critics and fans both adored Serial Mom and it still stands strong today, having become a staple of midnight movie houses and having a loyal cult following. Even pussy willows have seen an uptick in sales over the years due to the film, proving the relevance and longevity of one of John Waters’ brilliant masterpieces.

With an absolutely stellar cast that includes Suzanne Somers, Patty Hearst, Ricki Lake, Traci Lords, Serial Momand of course Kathleen Turner, Serial Mom is the ultimate way to spend Mother’s Day evening with your loved ones. Pop it in after a dinner of the “perfect meatloaf.”

The remastered edition of Serial Mom, featuring all new commentary and an updated “making of” segment, arrives on Tuesday, May 9th, 2017! So you can get it in time for Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 14th).

Fun fact: there actually was a soundtrack for Serial Mom, featuring composer Basil Poledouris, Barry Manilow, and L7 (billed as Camel Lips). It’s highly collectible today!

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