New "What's In My Bag?" Episode with White Lung

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Mish Way and Anne-Marie Vassiliou of Canadian punk band White Lung were recently at Amoeba Hollywood showing us some of the killer records they picked up, including a Van Morrison LP box set of his 1967 New York sessions. "Van Morrison's my favorite musician of all time," says Way. "This is not my fault, it's my dad's fault," she continues, stating that she was forced to listen to Morrison throughout her childhood. "But I truly do love Van." In addition to the Morrison collection, Way also picked up Bo Diddley's Big Bad Bo album, which features a cover of Van Morrison's "I've Been Working." "Bo Diddley singing a Van Morrison song would make me very happy."

White Lung Paradise White Lung consists of Mish Way-Barber, Kenneth Williams, and Anne-Marie Vassiliou. Formed in 2006, it wasn't till four years later that the band would release their first studio LP, It's the Evil. In 2011, White Lung took home the Punk/Hardcore Artist/Group of the Year award at the Canadian Music Week Indie Awards. They began attracting even more attention with the release of their sophomore LP, 2012's Sorry.

The band hooked up with the Domino label for the release of their 2014 LP, Deep Fantasy. Thanks to glowing reviews and their energetic live show, the band's star rose even higher. In 2015, the trio announced Deap Vally's Lindsey Troy would be joining as a tour bassist. In 2016 the band evolved even further with the release of the Lars Stalfors-produced (Chelsea Wolfe, Marnie Stern, The Mars Volta) Paradise.

Vassiliou grabbed the classic heavy metal album Hit & Run by Girlschool. "This is my favorite Girlschool record, with my favorite Girlschool song, 'C'mon Let's Go,'" she says. Way dug deep into the blues bins and grabbed some John Lee Hooker, Johnny Winter ("I feel like he kind of looks like me if I didn't wear makeup and was a dude."), and a cool compilation of female country blues singers from the 1920s, Country Girls 1926-29.

But what is one of the few bands that White Lung can put on in the tour van without anyone getting upset? And whose voice could Mish Way "listen to forever?" You'll have to watch the video to find out:

White Lung - What's In My Bag?
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