A Super Shangri-La Show Spectacular Halloween Double Feature, October 28

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William Castle, 13 Ghosts

-- By Brett Stillo

Halloween weekend is upon us, and what better way to start things off than with a cinematic ghost hunt in an old, haunted San Francisco theater.

The Super Shangri-La Show, hosted by the intrepid Kai Wada Roath, is more than a movie night atHouse your neighborhood theater. It is an exploration of the uncanny through the medium of cinema. Week after week, Roath takes his audience on a quest for myths, monsters, witchcraft, and lost civilizations inside a haunted movie theater -- the historic Balboa Theatre in the Outer Richmond. The Super Shangri-La Show is like a live-action version of the old Leonard Nimoy television program In Search Of, with Roath acting as a paranormal guide through a lost world of Drive-In and B-Movie monstrosities such as The Legend of Bogey Creek, The Devil’s Rain, Atlantis: The Lost Continent, and The Legend of Hell House, just to name a few.

Friday night’s double feature offers an ectoplasmic spectrum of haunted house stories. 13 Ghosts is a classic 1950’s spook show courtesy of legendary showman William Castle. Castle was notorious for the outrageously wacky gimmicks he built into his movies and 13 Ghosts is no exception. When the film was released in 1960, audience members were issued special filtered “ghost goggles” to view the cinematic poltergeists on the big screen thanks to a Castle-contrived process called “Illusion-O!”

Next on the bill is the 1977 Japanese thriller Hausu – or, as it’s known by it’s English translation, House. This was the feature film debut of director Nobuhiko Obayashi, who had made a name for himself creating visually bizarre television ads, like this one with Charles Bronson.

Hausu is a surreal tale that manifests childlike fears into scenes of blood-soaked gore. The film generatesWilliam Castle ghost viewer stunning moments that are both horrific and comical. Obayashi hurls both elements into the mix and flips the switch for extreme spin cycle.

This double feature is a one-time only event this Friday night, November 28th, at 10pm. A small supply of Illusion-O 3D glasses will be on hand, as well as a nurse ready to give medical aid to any audience member overcome with shock from the terror blazing across the screen. And somewhere in the dark reaches of the Great Beyond, William Castle is roaring with laughter.

13 Ghosts and House screen Friday, October 28th at 10pm, at the Balboa Theatre (3630 Balboa, San Francisco, CA)

13 Ghosts

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