Now I Wanna See Your Doc: Jim Jarmusch's New Iggy Pop and The Stooges Documentary "Gimme Danger" Is A Must See

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Over the years there's been a number of historic documents (feature articles, books, and film/video pieces) made on the topic of Iggy and the Stooges. But Jim Jarmusch's new documentary Gimme Danger, that opens in theaters later this month, looks to be the definitive piece and the one you will want to see on the widely influential proto punk band from Ann Arbor, Michigan. In fact it's the one historic document on The Stooges that Iggy Pop himself wants you to see, and was instrumental in Jarmusch making in the first place. "I wish someone would make a good movie about the Stooges, and I wish it was you," recalled Jarmusch of the key comment made by Iggy eight years ago. That recollection was in an interview at the Cannes Film Festival where Gimme Danger premiered earlier this year. In that same insightful interview with Jarmusch and Iggy (see below), the diehard Stooges fan / director noted how the new documentary had, "things that even hardcore Stooges fans don't know about……We got some stuff nobody has seen before!" By working with those close to the band he gained access to some very rare footage and photos that's interspersed throughout the film: contributing to its "collage" style.

In the trailer for the new film (see below) it begins with a clip of Jim "Iggy Pop" Osterberg on screen and Jarmusch off camera heard saying, “We are in an undisclosed location interrogating Jim Osterberg about The Stooges, the greatest rock and roll band ever!”  For the making of his documentary Jarmusch took the approach of less is more. So rather than the stereotypical rock-doc approach of interviewing a million different talking heads (typically artists who knew the subject and/or were influenced by the subject) he instead stuck to a small core group of people close to the Stooges. "We wanted to keep it intimate," he said of his film which he has described as, "a love letter" to Iggy and the Stooges.

Gimme Danger will be the second 2016 music documentary that Iggy has been in. He was also a main subject of Danny Says with Danny Fields, Alice Cooper, Wayne Kramer (MC5) and others. It is the first documentary by Jarmusch that Iggy has appeared in but it is not the first Jarmusch film. He was in 2004's Coffee and Cigarettes (in a segment opposite Tom Waits) as well as in Jarmusch's brilliant 1995 film Dead Man that starred Johnny Depp. Another Johnny Deep film Iggy acted in was the 1990 John Waters classic Cry Baby.

Gimme Danger directed by Jim Jarmusch trailer 2016

As seen in the trailer above, the new documentary includes a story familiar to Iggy/Stooges fans but one that's always great to hear: how their music tried to capture in that loud raw industrial sound heard in the Ford auto plant in Detroit. Another great Iggy quote from the new film, that's included in the trailer, is of him in an older found television interview saying how he and the Stooges, that were formed in the late sixties, "helped wipe out the sixties." As for the new movie title (culled from the Iggy & Stooges Raw Power album (also on vinyl) track "Gimme Danger"), the song is long a favorite of Jarmusch's who calls it one of "the most beautiful"  songs in rock music.

In addition to the movie opening this month, on October 21st the 4 Men With Beards record label will be releasing a white vinyl pressing of The Idiot, as well as a yellow vinyl version of Iggy's Lust For Life album. Meanwhile at the start of this year Let Them Eat Vinyl released Iggy and the Stooges Sadistic Summer: Live 2011, while a few months ago the label Wounded Bird Records re-released on CD The Stooges live at Ungano's. Below is that interview with Jarmusch and Iggy from Cannes earlier this year: one of the many festivals it played it this year.  Gimme Danger, which has gotten a 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating and a 7 out of 10 IMDB rating, opens in theaters across the USA on October 28th, 2016.

Gimme Danger interview @ Cannes 2016

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