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2016 Metal Face Records vinyl reissue of Operation: Doomsday : MF Doom's 1999 solo debut

Turns out that all those 'return of the record' stories over the past number of years were quite accurate. Records are back, and in a big way. Between new releases and reissues there's an increasing stream of new vinyl pressings dropping each and every week: from the majors as well as the indie labels who spearheaded this vinyl renaissance. Record Store Day also gets some credit for this resurgence in popularity. Note that this year's Record Store Day (coming up on November 25th) is rumored, as per a Reddit leak this week, to include new RSD vinyl exclusives from such artists as Run-D.M.C., Rudy Ray Moore, The Sugarhill Gang, The Stooges, Prince, Sun Ra, UGK, and The Kinks. But in the six weeks until then, there's no shortage of new vinyl releases getting released every Friday.

As noted on the Amoeblog, in two weeks time on October 28th, Geffen will reissue six Weezer albums. Today's (October 14th) new vinyl releases include the 180 gram repressing of The Beastie Boys landmark debut Licensed To Ill: 30 Year Anniversary (Def Jam). Scroll down for more indepth description of this 1986 album reissue along reviews of other new and recent vinyl arrivals at Amoeba including the reissue last week (Oct 7th) of the much-sampled 1976 Steve Miller Band album Fly Like An Eagle  (Capitol). Also from '76, Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here just got reissued today. The album, from the group honored with a Royal Mail stamp series this year, is the final in the four part vinyl reissue series via Pink Floyd Records. Another vinyl reissue this week is MX-80 Sound's Out Of The Tunnel. Originally released in 1980 by Ralph Records, it is one of two MX-80 (featuring Amoeba's Marc Weinstein) vinyl releases today from Ship To Shore who also reissued the band's 1980 album Crowd Control.
Initially released in '99 by Fondle Em, the latest vinyl pressing of MF Doom's Operation: Doomsday is from the beloved artist's own label (Metal Face Records) and will arrive in Amoeba next week, Oct. 21st. Released last week by Metal Face Records on vinyl was Doom's collaboration collection Unexpected Guests.  Originally released on CD in 2009 by Gold Dust Media, this 2LP set includes such tracks as "Fly That Knot" by Doom with Talib Kweli, and "Sniper Elite" featuring  J Dilla.

The new vinyl from longtime LA hip-hop duo People Under The  Stairs is their six song instrumental collection: The Gettin' Off Stage Step 2 EP (Redefinition/Fat Beats). Other recently released new albums on vinyl include the new Kool Keith via Mello Music Group and Boom Bip's Sun Choke on Lex Records.  Fans of 45's should jump on the new (limited pressing and already hard to find)Roc Marciano All For It / b/w Instrumental 7" single on ALC Records. Scroll down for more info on each.

Among the many new vinyl reissues are a stack of albums from the prolific, late Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti, and three from jazz icon Miles Davis. Bopping the Blues (ORG) and Birth of the Cool (Capitol) are each single vinyl LP releases, while the Columbia/Legacy released The Essential Miles Davis is a 2LP collection. That four-sided LP's 14 tracks include such "essential" Miles Davis tracks as the hauntingly beautiful Thelonious Monk composition 'Round Midnight' from 1957's Round About Midnight, and "Black Satin" from his 1972 album On the Corner.

Knitting Factory Records
are who we can thank for the hella Fela  album pressings. I believe these are the same albums that were reissued in the US in the 90's but on CD. Said Fela Kuti vinyl that arrived in Amoeba today includes the ablums GentlemanFear Not For Man, Afrodisiac, Shakara, Upside Down, I.T.T., Zombie, Fela's London Scene, Beasts Of No Nation, Roforofo Fight, Alagbon Close, and Everything Scatter.

Upcoming vinyl releases, that can be pre-ordered from Amoeba, include three from Drake. The pop star's latest album VIEWS has been out for a minute (five months now since its May release on CD via the major Republic. But later this month Cash Money will follow up with the vinyl when it releases the one hour twenty minute, 20 track release as a 2LP version of VIEWS (that can be pre-ordered now from Amoeba - ships free in USA).

On that same release date (Nov. 28th) the label will also unleash vinyl versions of Drake's If You're Reading This It's Too Late (2LP) plus the Drake/Future collaboration What A Time To Be Alive. In addition to all of the aforementioned new pressings, Amoeba Music has a non-stop ever shifting flow of older vinyl releases in the three Amoeba stores (Berkeley, San Francisco, and Hollywood) as well as on the Amoeba online store.  And LA area folks should make note of next weekend's Amoeba sponsored Crate Diggers Record Fair on Oct. 21st.

The Beastie Boys Licensed To Ill: 30 Year Anniversary 180 gram LP (Def Jam)

Reissued today, October 14th, in celebration of its upcoming three decade anniversary initial release date of November 15th, 1986, is The Beastie Boys' debut hit album: Licensed To Ill (Def Jam/Columbia). The 30 Year Anniversary version is on 180 gram vinyl and replicates the original with 13 tracks totalling 45 minutes between its two sides. The runaway international success of this Rick Rubin produced hip-hop album by the young punk rockers turned hip-hoppers was unprecedented.

The album would sell 10 million copies and influence a generation new to rap, as well as help cement Def Jam as the leading label of the popular new genre. More significantly Licensed To Ill made history by paving the way for an entire genre, at the time as a force to be reckoned with (not some "passing fad") when it became the first ever hip-hop album to top the Billboard 200 chart. 1986 was still a time when most rap/hip-hop artists released only singles. The success of Run-D.M.C.'s self-titled debut in 1984 began to change that, and the huge success of Licensed To Ill two years later only reinforced that trend.

Rick Rubin's rock meets rap, big booming beat approach to production was the perfect match for the wild, fun loving raw energy of MCA, Ad Rock and the late Mike D: former punkers who had jokingly dabbled in rap with their 1983 12" "Cookie Puss" that was made as a joke to poke fun at the downtown art scene's exploitation of hip-hop. (find the track on Same Ole Bullshit CD collection). That fun don't-give-a-fuck youthful attitude carried over into their subsequent singles and the popular debut album that followed.  Of Licensed To Ill's 13 tracks, seven would become singles: "Hold It Now, Hit It" (video below), "(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party)," "No Sleep till Brooklyn," "Girls," "Paul Revere," "Brass Monkey," and "The New Style." The six other album tracks, some singles B-sides, were "Rhymin & Stealin'" "She’s Crafty," "Posse in Effect," "Slow Ride," "Slow and Low," and "Time to Get Ill."

Roc Marciano All For It / b/w Instrumental 7" single (ALC Records)

This rare, already hard to find, new release from The Alchemist with Roc Marciano is part of ALC Records Craft Singles series that's limited to 500 pressings of the 7" inch. They are numbered too with each single's number of the 500 series written in a box on the lower left of the image above. ALC describes Craft Singles as "carefully curated, color coordinated seven inch series features a variety of artists who’ve collaborated with The Alchemist in his Los Angeles lab." A quick search online results in"out of stock" notices on near all websites and stores. So grab this 7" single, that features The Alchemist's instrumental on the B-side, from Amoeba Music while you can. "All For It " ships free in the USA.

Boom Bip Sun Choke (Lex Records) (2016)

Boom Bip's latest release is filed under electronic. But the LA Cincinnati, Ohio born producer also falls under experimental and instrumental hip-hop. Born Bryan Hollon, Boom Bip's latest album Sun Choke arrived into Amoeba last week via Lex Records. This new album by the LA based artist is  yet another exciting turn in a rich, two decade career packed with such accolades as been invited to contribute to the Peel Sessions by the late great John Peel who became an instant fan after hearing his and Doesone's 2000 collaborative album Circle on Mush Records.

The Sun Choke album takes Boom Bip off into a whole new sound. It literally embodies a term often applied to Boom Bip's music: cinematic. Sun Choke came about after been invited by Ben Cresciman to produce the official soundtrack to  2016 psychological thriller Sun Choke. Scroll down to see the music video for the new soundtrack album piece entitled "The Trip" as well as the trailer to the new movie that garnered a 6.9 IMDb rating.

Steve Miller Band Fly Like An Eagle  (Capitol)
Reissued on vinyl this past week was Fly Like An Eagle from the Steve Miller Band. The album, also available on CD, was recorded between 1975 and 1976 in San Francisco at CBS Studios. The classic rock album released in 1976 would take on a whole new life a decade later when it began to be incorporated into hip-hop. Beginning in the late 80's, a new crate digging wave of hip-hop producers would rediscover and reshape Steve Miller's sample ready lush production. For De La Soul's sample-heavy debut 3 Feet High & Rising  album, on the track "Jenifa Taught Me (Derwin's Revenge)" Prince Paul sampled the "woo woo" beginning part of the album track "Take the Money and Run." A year earlier Dr. Dre along with Yella sampled a select drum part of the same song on N.W.A's "Gangsta Gangsta" off Straight Outta Compton. Ice Cube's post N.W.A Lethal Injection album track "Ghetto Bird" would sample the Steve Miller album in 1993.

In 1996 J Dilla, as Jay Dee, sampled the rock album's opening track "Space Intro" for his remix of "She Said" for The Pharcyde. In 1987 Biz Markie utilized the title track on "Nobody Beats the Biz feat. T.J. Swan." Then in 1988 EPMD (EPEE MD) famously sampled it on their "You're A Customer" single off the duo's 1988 debut album Strictly Business. They even revisited the track on 1989's Unfinished Business album single "Total Kaos" as well as on "Get Off the Bandwagon (Remix)" that same year. 

Kool Keith Feature Magnetic (Mello Music Group)
Already available for a couple of weeks is Kool Keith's Feature Magnetic (Mello Music Group). The twelve song release is the latest full-length in a long string of albums from the unique, ever prolific, and always beautifully weird emcee whose hip-hop career is now in its fourth decade. The LA based, NY born wordsmith with an obsession for the bizarre, who came to fame back in 80's as part of the Ultramagnetic MCs, has also released a video for the album track / single "World Wide Lamper" that features two of his new album's many guests B.a.R.S. Murre and Dirt Nasty. You can see the video below which is directed by Nicholaus Goossen (Grandma's Boy, Happy Madison Productions). Other album guests include MF DOOM, Slug (Atmosphere), Necro, Ras Kass and Vallejo rapper Mac Mall. Note that Keith has had a love for Vallejo rap since the 90's when he first became a fan of E-40. Feature Magnetic's production is handled  primarily produced by the artist himself under the alias Number One Producer. Mello Music Group, who began working with the artist not too long ago, sum up this latest project as, "visionary seems unstuck in time, oblivious to geography, brilliantly mixing unflinchingly grim details with surreal, fantastical tangents. The production is a mesh of styles, looping factory drums like classic breaks, wobbly synths and arpeggiated melodies."

Kool Keith "World Wide Lamper (feat. B.a.R.S. Murre & Dirt Nasty)" from Feature Magnetic (2016)

Boom Bip "The Trip" from Sun Choke (Lex Records) (2016)

Sun Choke Movie Trailer (2016) soundtrack by Boom Bip

The Beastie Boys "Hold It Now, Hit It" from  Licensed To Ill: 30 Year Anniversary 180 gram LP (Def Jam)

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