New Video for Kool Keith & MF Doom's "Super Hero" Collaboration from "Feature Magnetic"

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Kool Keith "Super Hero (feat. MF Doom) from Feature Magnetic  (Mello Music Group, 2016)

Today two of hip-hop's most innovative artists, Kool Keith and MF Doom (aka DOOM), published the music video for their excellent collaborative track "Super Hero." The booming bass track, which is produced by Kool Keith under the alias  Number One Producer, is found on his recent Mello Music Group release  Feature Magnetic (also avail in LP/vinyl format). Meantime the brand new accompanying music video above is directed by Kris Merc for Aardman Nathan Love Animation Studio, and interestingly does not include either of the artists in person in the production.  As such it is accurately described by its makers as a non-stop quick-mix cascade of,  "infinite GIFs, incredible models of DOOMs mask and Black Elvis wigs, Doc Oct surgeries, and space flights." The video's futuristic Sci-Fi visuals are the perfect match for Doom's persona and Keith's left-field, stream of consciousness, comic-book inspired lyrics that reference such things as drinking tea with the X-Men watching chicks with D-cups, eating shrimp, and driving monster truck Lamborghini's.

The longtime Bronx hip-hop artist born Keith Thornton, who initially came to fame back in the latter 1980's  as part of the Ultramagnetic MCs, fully approves of the new video which adheres to his initial vision when in the studio working on the song.  "When I produced the track I pictured DOOM as a bunch of different Marvel characters. Like two super heroic distinctive rappers with powers," said Keith of the track with MF Doom (Metal Face Doom) whose entire persona is that of a comic book super villain character. The British born MF Doom, who initially came to fame as part of KMD under the alias Zev Love X, tomorrow (October 21st) will be reissuing in double LP vinyl format his 1999 solo debut Operation: Doomsday via his own label: Metal Face Records. Doom is just one of several collaborators on the new Kool Keith album.  Among the other collaborators that Keith invited onto Feature Magnetic are Slug of Atmosphere, Bumpy Knuckles, Necro, Ras Kass, Mac Mall, Sadat XB.a.R.S. Murre, and Dirt Nasty. The latter two collaborated with Keith on his new album track "World Wide Lamper" for which he also made a music video (see below) with director Nicholaus Goossen.

Kool Keith "World Wide Lamper (feat. B.a.R.S. Murre & Dirt Nasty)" from Feature Magnetic (2016)

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