"Guitar Mood 2" - Instrumental Compilation Like No Other (Except "Guitar Mood 1")

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Guitar Mood 2- By Kai Wada Roath
Ambassador of Confusion Hill and host of the Super Shangri-La Show

The music had taken full control and into the vortex of madness she was drawn, dancing in circles like a whirling Dervish that had gone pleasantly, yet totally, insane. Mark my words, ye readers of this review, for this situation of delight just happened last evening in my living room while listening to the first song on Guitar Mood 2 -- Takeshi Teruauchi and the Bunnys playing their rendition of Beethoven's Symphony No.5.

If you would like there to be dancing at your next party or in your living room in general, I recommend this album for the following life changing reasons:

From the vinyl treasure vaults of the great Michael Lucas of The Phantom Surfers, Guitar Mood 2 is a instrumental compilation created like no other...err, except perhaps for Guitar Mood 1, but finding Guitar Mood 1 in the wild may be as rare as finding a walnut-sized gold nugget while panning for river shine with a Marie Calendar pie pan for that album is truly mind-boggling amazing. If you find Guitar Mood 1, new or used, it is an omen for years of good luck.

Guitar Mood 2 will whisk you away to wondrous, exotic lands with strumming surf sounds and cumbias Belkingsthat are blended with the traditional folk melodies of Turkey, Japan, Colombia, Peru, and Finland by bands such as Los Belkings, Los Siderals, Siluetler, and more!

You will wish to close your eyes while listening to this record and dream you are an international spy on holiday, eating Angels on Horseback and sipping chilled Port while watching an evil villain in one corner of your eye and an enchanting belly dancer in the other.

Or maybe you will want to listen to this album with your eyes open, eating cold ravioli out of the can with a plastic fork and gulping a tall glass of Ovaltine while watching on mute a VHS of Greg "The Hammer" Valentine's matches from the glory years of the early '80s.

Some people put their butter in the fridge, some leave it out. Never forget the power of the figure-four leg lock. If you caress the Ventures in Space album (my personal favorite of theirs) and grooooowl along with Los Saicos already, this plastic platter of magic should be spinning on your phonograph.This record will make you want to dance the goofy dance.

Make it your next vinyl adventure to seek Guitar Mood 2 out.

Trust me.

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