Bay Area Hip-Hop Artist L-Love Gives Back To His Community With School Backpack Drive

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In these current divisive times of selfish hate-fueled political rhetoric on a national level, it's refreshing to hear selfless, community-caring stories on a grassroots level.  Longtime Bay Area hip-hop artist L-Love's "Backpack Drive" is such a story. "People are in need [and] I just feel in my spirit that I have been called to action," said the underground artist born Les Mixon.

Mixon's recently set up Go Fund Me: Backpack Drive is, as its name might imply, a fundraiser to purchase backpacks for underprivileged school kids. Now as the school summer holidays near their end, low income parents are faced with often insurmountable back to school expenses. "I'm doing this drive to purchase backpacks and school supplies for kids whose parents can't afford them," said Mixon of the project that is similar to one that another East Bay artist, Oakland rapper Mistah F.A.B., did a couple of years ago in his community. Like F.A.B.'s direct community action, Mixon too didn't want to just talk about helping out his community. He wanted to do something concrete and to witness results.

"I have always believed in giving back. It is something that was instilled within me as a small child. My great grandfather and great grandmother really helped the community from Compton to San Bernardino. I watched their giving spirit and started helping people around my neighborhood at around 8 years old," Mixon told the Amoeblog this week. "I knew everyone in my neighborhood because I would help all of the elderly. If they needed groceries carried inside: I was doing it, if they needed someone to house sit and feed their animals when they were gone: I was doing it. It was a fire within. Selfless acts. No glory just doing what is right."  Just as Mixon's sense of responsibility for his community and willingness to do good deeds for others was handed down from his family elders, he in turn has provided a positive influence on his own offspring. "My [8 year old] daughter and myself have been growing a garden every year since she was born and donating the vegetables to the homeless. We grow things that do not need to be cooked like tomatoes, green beans, celery, snap beans, and wax beans."

Mixon, who lives in East Contra Costa County, had already personally generated a chunk of the money needed before setting up the Go Fund Me drive. "I have earned half of the money myself by going out and selling my music CDs [Curb Serving] hand to hand throughout Northern California. In fact I am about to head out to Sacramento in a few hours and then tomorrow I will be making my way through Antioch, Tracy, Stockton, and Modesto," he told me one day last week. Mixon's goal is to fund-raise $330 to match the $330 he's saved from his CD street sales.

The rapper's end goal of a total of $660 will purchase 150 backpacks that he buys in bulk from a discount supplier.  By scale Mixon's goal may seem modest in stature. But in significance this act of kindness, and the good example it sets, is larger than life: one with endless positive implications. Mixon isn't trying to change the world, just help out one person at a time in his own community, from his backpack drive to his community garden work. "If my daughter and myself can make just one person's day a little better, take one day of stress from their life, then we have accomplished something!" 

You can support by donating a few dollars or simply sharing the link on
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