Three Essential Melvins LPs To Be Reissued June 24

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Melvins Vinyl Reissues

When the Melvins burst onto the Washington music scene in the early '80s, they were making music heavier, slower, and sludgier than anyone else had before. The impact made by key members Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover cannot be understated; Melvins' uncompromising sound influenced many of the now legendary Seattle grunge bands (Nirvana were huge fans and supporters) and much of the existing canon of stoner rock/sludge/doom bands, including Boris, Sunn O))), and Earth. In fact, after a string of indie releases, it's in large part due to interest in the Seattle scene that Melvins was picked up by major label Atlantic Records in 1993 -- a partnership that would lead to the release of three of the band's classic albums, Houdini, Stag and Stoner Witch. Oddly, considering their importance, all three LPs have been out of print on vinyl for over two decades.

But no more! Jack White's Third Man Records is reissuing each album on 180-gram vinyl with gatefold sleeves. Pre-orders are available now from us (and they'll ship FREE to the U.S.), with the LPs set for a June 24 release. Here's what to look out for on each album.

Mlevins Houdini


Produced in part by Kurt Cobain, the Melvins' fifth album was their major label debut. The LP includes a bonus track, a cover of the MC5's "Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa)." 

Melvins Stoner Witch

Stoner Witch

A prime example of the band at its most creative, Stoner Witch features classic Melvins tracks like "Revolve" and "Queen" as well as more experimental tracks like "Magic Pig Detective." Recorded at A&M Studios in Hollywood, the album marked the first time Melvins had access to a top-notch recording studio, and most songs were captured in a single take.

Melvins Stag


The final album Melvins recorded for a major, the vinyl reissue of Stag has been expanded from a single disc to two. Considered to be one of the band's most diverse collections of songs, the album was partially recorded at the legendary Sound City Studios in Van Nuys.


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