Seth Bogart of Hunx and His Punx to Release Album Feb. 19

Posted by Billy Gil, January 7, 2016 10:35am | Post a Comment

Seth Bogart of sassy garage rockers Hunx and His Punx and electroclashers Gravy Train!!!! is set to release his debut self-titled solo album Feb. 19 on Burger. It's up for preorder now.

Though he's previously released an album under the Hunx moniker (Hairdresser Blues) this is his first solo album under his own name, and accordingly, the style is much different than the classic-garage-pop stylings of his previous work. The new song "Forgotten Fantazy" actually is more like the introverted cousin to Gravy Train!!!!, a woozy electro-pop song built on a chintzy beat and weary lyrics about the magic wearing off in a relationship ("surrounded by your thoughts/but I'm not listening"). Though we've loved Bogart's previous work, this is the most sincere thing we've heard from him yet.

But lest you think Bogart has gone completely soft, check out the "My Strange Addiction"-inspired video for "Eating Makeup," which features the inimitable vocals of Bikini Kill's Kathleen Hanna.

Bogart has been busy this year. He'll be at the Echoplex Feb. 19 for a dual album-release show with minimal-wave artist Geneva Jacuzzi, and he also has unveiled his first gallery show, "The Seth Bogart Show" at Ooga Booga 2 in Los Angeles. The show features Bogart's artistic work, including ceramics, painting, sculpture and video, and it's all soundtracked songs from his new album. Tour plans for the art show have yet to be announced.

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