Andre Nickatina, Slick Rick, DJ Abilities, Mac Lethal, Who Cares, and Bukue One Prepare for "White Wizards of Hip Hop" Tour

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Tickets went on sale today for the diverse Andre Nickatina-curated hip-hop concert at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco on March 10th. Joining the Fillmore SF rap legend in the line-up, the kick-off show of a 56 date cross-country  tour, will be Slick Rick, DJ Abilities, Mac Lethal, Who Cares, and Bukue One. Although not on the official flyer issued above, there are some other acts supposedly on the bill too. As per the Regency Ballroom website, Murs will be joining the line-up. In video clip below with Andre Nickatina announcing the tour lineup late last month, he said that Redman was also a strong possibility to be on the tour or at this premiere concert. Andre Nickatina also says in the video clip that there will be a "Fillmoe feel" to the tour, which has the odd name of "White Wizards of Hip Hop." The meaning behind that name is described by the tour producers Go See Em Touring as "White Wizards of Hip Hop are those wizards whose careers have been twisted and turned with difficulty, loss, and extreme circumstance, and yet, they have overcome to become some of the most iconic names in Rap and Hip Hop history." 

In his preview of the ambitious tour, Andre Nickatina stressed how he is more "rap" than hip hop but always open-minded to other music too. By collaborating or touring with so many different artists over the years he has built upon his already richly diverse audience. And this great tour line-up looks like it will only further build upon that broad fan-base.

Below is the Andre Nickatina video about the tour, along with a few videos by some of the artists in the line-up, including one of DJ Abilities with his late great musical partner Eyedea. and Mac Lethal's Pancake Rap viral video. 

The tour kick-off concert will be at the Regency Ballroom on March 10th in San Francisco. All ages, 8pm show. Tickets ($36/$40) are avail here. White Wizards tour info here


Andre Nickatina on White Wizards of Hip Hop

Slick Rick "Children's Story"

Mac Lethal KILLS "Look at Me Now" (Pancake Rap)

Eyedea & Abilities "Junk"

Andre Nickatina "Break Bread (feat. Richie Rich)"

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