October at Balboa Theatre: Vampires, Hell Houses, and Yokai Monsters!

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Yokai Monsters

San Francisco's Balboa Theatre and the mysterious forces at Super Shangri-La Show bring you an October to remember with three weeks of Wednesdays of super weird Halloweeny viewing!

Yokai MonstersThe fun starts Wednesday, October 14th at 7:30pm with Yokai Monsters: Spook Warfare (1968), the second in the Yokai Monsters movie trilogy. A Babylonian demon is awoken and flies to ancient Japan to take over the body of the local Magistrate. The small country yokai monsters must team up to defeat him. It's a classic little monsters vs. evil big monster scenario and is not to be missed! In Japanese with English subtitles.

What's a yokai? According to Wikipedia: "Yokai (ghost, phantom, strange apparition) are a class of supernatural monsters in Japanese folklore. The word yokai is made up of the kanji for 'bewitching; attractive; calamity' and 'apparition; mystery; suspicious.'" I'm sold. RSVP on Facebook for entertaining updates.

Wednesday, October 21st unleashes Mario Bava's 1965 sci-fi/horror classic Planet of the Vampires. This movie features two great tastes that go great together: space and the undead. Its a stylish adventure with hot Italian chicks in space suits, and many critics say that it inspired Ridley Scott's Alien. RSVP on Facebook, invite your friends and family.

Planet of the Vampires

Legend of Hell HouseConclude your October month-long film spree on the 28th with the Mount Everest of haunted houses, The Legend of Hell House (1973). Directed by John Hough, this British horror film starring Roddy McDowell is based on the novel Hell House by Richard Matheson (who also wrote the screenplay).

It's super creepy and to make it better, the Balboa Theatre is said to be haunted too! What's better than watching a haunted house movie in a haunted theater? Winning a $10 Amoeba gift certificate during the Super Shangri-La Show Trivia Adventure Quiz before the flick, that's what! So study up. And, of course, RSVP on Facebook so your friends know how kool you are!

Get more info and buy advanced tickets HERE!

-- Audra

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