With Funding Support, SF Punk Renaissance 2015 Will Celebrate 40th Anniversary of Punk

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While it might seem like you can't check your inbox or social media these days without being asked to contribute to yet another crowd funding project - some which may not seem quite worthy of your hard earned cash - there are some really excellent and needy projects out there that could only happen with grassroots-level crowdfunding support. Such is the case with the recently launched GoFundMe drive for SF Punk Renaissance 2015 (Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Punk) that happens in San Francisco in late September.

The event is overseen by the The Punk Rock Sewing Circlea volunteer group comprised of artists, musicians, and activists from the early days of punk rock in the Bay who organize art and music-based events to promote early punk culture and raise funds for social justice causes. Scheduled for a full week, September 20th to 27th, the SF Punk Renaissance 2015 is shaping up to be an eclectic week of "old school punk pop-up events celebrating the catalytic revolution of the first wave" and will incorporate concerts, spoken word shows, panel discussions, punk film screenings, and iconic punk art and photo gallery exhibits. While no bands have been named, "seminal bands of the era" that are promised to play during the week. There are so many incredible bands from that era, even if the lineups have changed, to draw from including The Mutants (whose music is featured in the GoFundMe video below) and The Avengers who, along with Jello Biafra, were among those at last week's the SF City Hall 100 Year anniversary.

The folks planning the SF Punk Renaissance 2015 stress that they have the venues, artists, films, and bands all lined up and ready to go. "Our only stumbling block is financial," they say, echoing a common call these days. Their relatively modest goal of $15K, of which they've reached almost a quarter already, is actually not much money for a week-long multi-media event of this scale. 

To help preserve and promote Bay Area punk rock music history and culture, support GoFundMe's SF Punk Renaissance 2015 drive.  [SF punk flyers photo taken by author seven years ago at BAM/PFA in Berkeley for SF 70's punk photo exhibit by the late great Bruce Conner]

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