DJ Qbert & Yogafrog's Thud Rumble Join Intel For New DJ/Tech Innovation, Showcasing @ This Weekend's Maker Faire in San Mateo

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Thud Rumble - the ever pioneering Bay Area-based DJ music/technology company co-founded by DJ Qbert and Yogafrog two decades ago - continues its ever-innovative streak with the unveiling and demonstration of its latest creation: computing embedded DJ equipment and a sensor activated turntable using IntelR technology. A collaboration with Intel, the new technology will be showcased at this weekend's Maker Faire in San Mateo where visitors can experience experimental samples and prototypes. For this new creation Thud Rumble staffers, including Hard Rich, Qbert, and Yogafrog, have taken the IntelR ‘Edison board (a computer module the size of a postage stamp that includes a CPU, MCU, memory, storage, and built-in WiFi) and paired it with three commonly utilized DJ and production instruments – a Stanton STR8-150 turntable, a Native Instruments Kontrol S25 keyboard, and a Maschine by Native Instruments.

The result of this integration is the elimination of the necessity of connecting a computer. With this new technology a DJ will only need to bring a USB drive in place of a computer. Maker Faire happens Friday, May 15th through Sunday May 17th at the San Mateo Events Center. Note that Sunday's closing events will be the one not to miss as DJ Qbert is scheduled for a very special and unique performance.

Like many tech developments that are kept hush-hush up to the last minute, so too was this high-tech collaboration between Thud Rumble and Intel. Only two days ago on Wednesday of this week, at the Maker Con event at San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts, did Ritche "Yogafrog" Desuasido first announce the new high tech product that will be shown to the public today through the end of the weekend at Maker Faire in San Mateo. Posting an image (at left) to Instagram, he wrote that this "homage to the turntable creator it's named the Edison chip. Actual Size. Soon we will enable you to add this to your DJ equipment, so you can leave your laptops at home." Meanwhile his longtime friend/business partner Richard "DJ Qbert" Quitevas weighed in, "This is next level. Intel’s technology is enabling us to connect the power of computing directly into our gear, which is opening up new frontiers for us as DJs. We’ve already dreamed up a few applications, but we’re barely getting started on what is possible with this innovation."

This latest Thud Rumble creation follows hot on the heels of the recent pioneering interactive DJ Qbert Extraterrestria fold-out LP cover that can be transformed into a virtual DJ turntable/mixer set up via wireless connection to an iPad. This morning, via email, I caught up with the always hella busy  Ritche "Yogafrog" Desuasido to ask him about the new technology and what to expect at the Thud Rumble/Intel booth at this weekend's tenth annual Maker Faire in San Mateo.

Amoeblog: What is the one major advantage of the Edison chip and how will it change DJ technology?

Ritche Desuasido: We will be developing the Edison chip to be embedded onto any musical instrument device that doesn't already have computing.  For example most of NI's [Native Instruments] hardware requires a computer to run, we will make it so it stands alone functioning without the needed laptop.  Also since it's direct no plugs to the computer and software to run and back to output sound, the latency has been more precise than ever.  Qbert can execute more scratches as if it was truly analog record accuracy and not so much digital. 

Amoeblog: When will the chips be available at retail?

Ritche Desuasido: The Edison chip is available now, but we are creating our own special Thud Rumble musical development kit that would enable DJs to utilize the computing without the need of a laptop. 

Amoeblog: I understand that MakerCon, where you spoke earlier this week, is the professional counterpart of Maker Faire. So was the product presentation / talk you gave there this week the same or different from the presentation that Thud Rumble will provide at Maker Faire this weekend?

Ritche Desuasido:  We are showing quite a bit more than what was showcased at MakerCon, we've attached the multitouch screen displays to the dj setups showing how the computing works and the direction we are trying to take.  QBert is also going to close the entire MakerFaire 530pm at the Dark Room where his musical output will be synced to Tesla Coils shooting lightning.

Tix and more info on MakerFaire here

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